Data Science

Text Mining Vs Text Analytics

In the early days the processing used to take a lot of time, days, in fact, to process or even implement the machine learning algorithms, but with the introd


Machine Learning in Finance

Before the advent of mobile banking apps, proficient chatbots, or search engines, machine learning has had fruitful applications in finance well. Few industr


How do I get a Data science job?

Landing a position in Data Science is not tough but rather all you require is the skills to kick-start your data science career. There are few core data scie


The Agile Manifesto Made Easy

The agile approach brought about a systemic change in the software development;meeting requirement and creating solutions through collaborative effort of sel


DATEDIFF Function in Tableau

In recent years, advanced analytics has emerged as a critical component in modern business intelligence. Industry in all sectors are moving to take advantage of data science and data scientists nee


Graphical Visualizations in R

Graphical Visualizations in R

Visualixing the data not only helps us in aesthetically pleasing graphs but also will help in drawing business insights, which will shape the prganizations &



The resultant model is a polynomial regression equation if the best fit line is a curve rather than a straight line

The R code for polynomial regression is a variant of the Linear regress



Logistic Regression Part-2

Regression Techniques Part 2
Logistic Regression This technique is used when the


Mean,Median,Mode in DATA SCIENCE

Measures of central tendency are also called as First Moment Business Decision

Mean are influenced by outliers

Mean, Median, Mode are called as Measures of central tendency


R Studio Keyboard Short Cut Keys

Find the most essential keyboard shortcuts for R Studio in the below infographic.
Save your precious time with these must-know commands.
The below mentioned shortcuts hold good for bo


Want to know about Data Mining

Big data!!!

Are you demotivated when your peers are discussing about data science and recent advances in big data. Did you ever think how Flip kart



Machine learning is a manifestation of artifical  intelligence(AI) techonologies .Machine learning technologies imbue modern technological systems with the ability to learn and improve from ex


Imbalanced Data

Multi-Class Classification in R With Imbalanced Dataset

Multi-Class Classification


5 Reasons why Agile project fail

Agile involves lot of human interaction and relies on self-organizing teams. Transforming to agile is more of a paradigm shift which encounters a lot of resistance Reward plan, and a static and pre



Thanks to fictionalized accounts of artificial intelligence, we tend to have rather fanatical constructs of the basic concept of AI, movies such as matrix and The Terminator have had a huge impact


Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep is a new ETL tool that allows for a fast and visual overview of the data and to prepare, cleanse and blend the data easily. Before you start your analysis in Tableau Desktop, this ETL


AI and its Challenges

Artificial Intelligence (AI) saturates numerous aspects of our lives. Everywhere throughout the world, AI systems filter email s


Waterfall Vs Agile

There are myriad project management methodologies to choose from like Waterfall, PRINCE2, Scrum DSDM Atern, Extreme Programming


Principle of Parsimony

The principle of parsimony also referred as Occam’s razor explains the selection of the simplest explanation that fits for best results when we have more than one


Bagging and Boosting

Bagging and Boosting are the two very important ensemble methods* to improve the measure of accuracy in predictive models which is widely used. While performing a machi

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