Course Description

There is nothing like the cloud when it comes to communication-related operations. It only takes a click to access everything from anywhere, at any time, and on any device, which is why cloud solutions are a big hit. But security has always been a primary concern to the increasing cyber-attacks and data breaching, which is why there is a boom in cloud security professionals across the globe.

Channel Futures predicted a $12.64 billion market for cloud security by 2025. In addition, the growth of cloud infrastructure is bolstering cloud security as cloud platforms provide mobility, faster access, upgrades at a lower price, more flexibility, and hassle-free deployments using cloud platforms.

We cover the complete overview of cloud concepts architecture and designs, cloud data security, cloud platform and infrastructure security, cloud application security, cloud security operations, and legal risk & compliance as the primary topics.

Upon completing the training, you'll be able to analyze various risks associated with the cloud infrastructure and plan better security control by using verified secure software and maintaining the best operational rules and standards, understanding the privacy issues, articulating legal requirements, and unique risks with the cloud environment.

The sole focus of this Cloud Security training with ExcelR is to beat the competition and make you a Certified Cloud Security Professionals expert from zero skills to industry-ready. The CCSP certifications will allow you to prove your skills in demonstrating competence in cloud security architecture, design, operations, and service orchestration in a cloud computing environment, along with its best practices and use cases. And gain hands-on experience working on various industrial case studies to incorporate cloud communications.

Our Faculty

Our trainers are our forte at ExcelR, and our cloud security trainers are top-notch, experienced, qualified, and passionate about training through real-time industrial case studies.

We offer specialized training tailored to your individual needs and also for the corporate requirements taught by working professionals with extensive experience in Cloud Security. By enrolling in the training, you will benefit from their extensive 17+ years of training experience that will enable you to absorb the entire concept and master it within no time.

Why Should You Choose ExcelR for Certified Cloud Security Professionals Training?

ExcelR Solutions is one of the forefronts that started online and classroom concurrently. Whether you enroll with us as an individual or a team, we first try to understand your necessities and facilitate state-of-the-art training from highly skilled cloud security experts to cater to your individual needs and drive you towards corporate goals.

The Certified Cloud Security Professionals training is one of the best in the industry and a substantial fit for corporate sectors that help you gather all information and its best practices in the corporate world. Our training starts from scratch and slowly paces towards complex topics, and we ensure you're market-ready for any challenge with no stone unturned.

Our projects and assignments are real-time capstones and fulfill the latest industry standards. Therefore, whenever we claim, "We offer the best price for the quality and continuous support we provide," we mean it.


The Certified Cloud Security Professionals training with ExcelR is available in India and to all corners of the globe with unprecedented support during the capstone projects and real-time assignments. And the best part is when you enroll with ExcelR Solutions, you get access to LMS stud with pre-recorded videos that will help you to learn at your pace, get cloud security certified, and eventually advance in your career.

At ExcelR, we have a dedicated team of Certified Cloud Security experts to back you endlessly. So whenever you feel unmoved or mountains ahead, they are always available on WhatsApp messages, over-the-phone calls, or emails, for that matter, to assist you and solve your queries in no time.

So our support doesn't end with your Cloud Security Certification; it begins right from there and runs endlessly throughout the projects and assignments, and we ensure you get more of what you pay for.

Customized Certified Cloud Security Professionals Based on Corporate Requirements

We at ExcelR believe that no two training can be alike. Thus we make sure our training, demonstrations, and Cloud Security course materials are tailored to your individual needs as well as to cope with market demand and help you ascend to the top of the corporate ladder.

With our Cloud Security corporate training, you'll understand cloud security concepts, design principles, and how to evaluate cloud service providers that best fit. Thus, by the end of the training, you'll have clear-cut ideas about the design and implementation of cloud data storage architectures and analyze the risk associated with the cloud infrastructure.

In addition to the above, you can plan disaster recovery systems and design a secured data center through SLDC and cloud software assurance and validation by managing security operations.

The applications and roles of Cloud Security are prodigious. They have an excellent future for facilitating cloud security and data security technologies and strategies to cope with the safeguarding of large data volumes. Lastly, you'll enjoy ExcelR's customized training program, which is unique to a module-based one and comes with Cloud Security hands-on practical exercises.

Prerequisites for Certified Cloud Security Professionals?

  • A minimum of three years must be in information security, and one year must be in one of the six domains of the CCSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK).

Who Can Take This Course?

  • Enterprise Architects
  • Security Administrators
  • Systems Engineers
  • Security Architect
  • Security Consultant
  • Security Engineers
  • Security Managers
  • Systems Architect


Course Curriculum

  • Basics of Security 
  • Understand Cloud Computing Concepts 
  • Describe Cloud Reference Architecture 
  • Understand Security Concepts Relevant to Cloud Computing 
  • Understand Design Principles of Secure Cloud Computing 
  • Evaluate Cloud Service Providers
  • Describe Cloud Data Concepts 
  • Design and Implement Cloud Data Storage Architectures 
  • Design and Apply Data Security Technologies and Strategies 
  • Implement Data Discovery 
  • Implement Data Classification 
  • Design and Implement Information Rights Management (IRM) 
  • Plan and Implement Data Retention, Deletion, and Archiving Policies 
  • Design and Implement Auditability, Traceability, and Accountability of Data Events 
  • Comprehend Cloud Infrastructure Components 
  • Design a Secure Data Center 
  • Analyze Risks Associated with Cloud Infrastructure 
  • Design and Plan Security Controls 
  • Plan Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) 
  • Advocate Training and Awareness for Application Security 
  • Describe the Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Process 
  • Apply the Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) 
  • Apply Cloud Software Assurance and Validation 
  • Use Verified Secure Software 
  • Comprehend the Specifics of Cloud Application Architecture 
  • Design Appropriate Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solutions
  • Implement and Build Physical and Logical Infrastructure for Cloud Environment 
  • Operate Physical and Logical Infrastructure for Cloud Environment 
  • Manage Physical and Logical Infrastructure for Cloud Environment 
  • Implement Operational Controls and Standards 
  • Support Digital Forensics 
  • Manage Communication with Relevant Parties 
  • Manage Security Operations  
  • Articulate Legal Requirements and Unique Risks within the Cloud Environment 
  • Understand Privacy Issues 
  • Understand Audit Process, Methodologies, and Required Adaptations for a Cloud Environment 
  • Understand Implications of Cloud to Enterprise Risk Management 
  • Understand Outsourcing and Cloud Contract Design 
  • Practice Test and Doubt Session

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ExcelR is a training and consulting firm with its global headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA. Alongside to catering to the tailored needs of students, professionals, corporates and educational institutions across multiple locations, ExcelR opened its offices in multiple strategic locations such as Australia, Malaysia for the ASEAN market, Canada, UK, Romania taking into account the Eastern Europe and South Africa. In addition to these offices, ExcelR believes in building and nurturing future entrepreneurs through its Franchise verticals and hence has awarded in excess of 30 franchises across the globe. This ensures that our quality education and related services reach out to all corners of the world. Furthermore, this resonates with our global strategy of catering to the needs of bridging the gap between the industry and academia globally.

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