Course Description

Brocade is a leading provider of SAN networking solutions used in large enterprises to connect servers to storage devices with robust security, allowing for more efficient and flexible data.

Learning Brocade today has enormous benefits whether you look for individual growth, business growth, or both. It starts with the core concepts of SAN technology, such as storage protocols, SAN topologies zoning, and performance management, which is designed to provide learners with the skills and knowledge to configure and manage a Storage Area Network (SAN) using Brocade technology.

This course aims to make you an expert in Storage Area Networks using Brocade, along with mastering virtual connectivity using N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) and configuring advanced Monitoring Alerting Policy Suite (MAPS) to implement Brocade Fibre Channel-to-Fibre Channel (FC-FC) routing.

By enrolling in ExcelR, you’ll be able to hone all the critical concepts of Storage Area Networks (SAN), which will put you in the driver’s seat with an edge over your peers to stand out in the eyes of recruiters and managers as the most suitable candidate for any project related to SAN using Brocade technology.

Our Faculty

Our Brocade Associate SAN Administrator trainers are the best in the business and are highly knowledgeable and passionate about training. They carry a decade-plus experience, and you’ll be amazed at the expertise they bring to the table and how they break down complex topics into easily digestible ones, connecting the dots with real-life examples.

By enrolling in the training as a team or an individual, you will have the edge over others to make the best use of trainers' massive experience to master the core concepts of the Brocade Associate SAN Administrator course, along with real-time use cases that will help you mitigate various challenges in your day-to-day job.

With ExcelR, you’ll get the most complete and advanced training with the necessary skill sets based on the industry’s latest curriculum, as our faculty are working professionals who keep updated about the industry’s latest happenings.

Why Should You Join ExcelR for Brocade Associate SAN Administrator Corporate Training?

If you’re looking for the best Brocade Associate SAN Administrator course across the globe, then your marathon search ends right here. Enroll with ExcelR and learn from the best in the industry for a seamless transition from beginner to advanced topics that delivers exactly what is needed to stand out in this highly competitive world.

Our state-of-the-art curriculum is a perfect blend of theory and applied understanding. As part of the training, you’ll work on real-life projects and case studies to get an applied understanding, making you industry-ready for real-time scenarios to tackle any challenges in your job life.

The syllabus offered by ExcelR is the most comprehensive one, which not only suits the corporate requirements but is also a great fit for individuals who are looking to upskill and want to advance in their careers.

Keeping a close eye on the market and adding the latest developments to the syllabus, we ensure that you get great value from the course. The process we follow is quite simple — we understand your requirements and their business objectives first. Then, we tailor the course, keeping in mind the factors that will play a key role in meeting the company’s goals as well as the individual’s growth.


The Brocade Associate SAN Administrator course is widely available globally in live-virtual or online mode. By enrolling in this course, you have access to endless support throughout the learning process, making sure an incredible journey awaits your career.

In the process of learning, whenever you feel stuck or see hurdles ahead and look for assistance over phone calls, emails, and WhatsApp, our faculty and support team are always at your disposal, ensuring you a smooth and seamless learning experience.

Customized Brocade Associate SAN Administrator Training Based on Corporate Requirements

The best part about ExcelR is its customized training, state-of-the-art curriculum, and post-training support during real-life projects and assignments, which are tailored to meet the company's particular demands based on individual and corporate requirements.

In this course, you’ll learn how to identify the particular use cases of Brocade Associate SAN Administrator in your organization, along with configuring switch security, implementing Brocade fiber channel to fiber channel routing, Adaptive Networking, Access Gateway, Fibre Channel over Internet Protocol (FCIP), and more.

Brocade Associate SAN Administrator has a massive role to play in any domain involving storage over the internet and its security, regardless of the company and its size. By taking this course, you’ll master various concepts like Monitoring Alerting Policy Suite (MAPS), Virtual Fabrics, and Flow Vision, along with hands-on Brocade management tools such as Telnet and Brocade Network Advisor.

ExcelR offers module-based and highly customized training that makes each topic exciting, and caters to individual requirements while keeping your business goals in mind.

Who Can Join This Course

  • Storage Administrators
  • SAN Administrators
  • System Administrators
  • SAN architects
  • Systems Engineers
  • SAN Operators involved with configuration, change management, maintenance, monitoring, configuration, tuning, and optimization.


Basic knowledge of networking and storage concepts and terminology.


Course Curriculum

  • Describe the features and functionality of the switch hardware
  • List the steps for port initialization
  • Describe the features and functionality of the switch hardware
  • List the steps for port initialization
  • Recall different commands to display PWWN, NWWN, and PID addresses
  • Perform an out of box initial configuration
  • Perform common administrative tasks
  • Identify exchange-based routing
  • Manage Inter-Switch Link (ISL)
  • Implement zoning using the CLI syntax
  • Activate and deactivate a default zone
  • Identify when a long-distance license is required
  • Backup and manage configuration files
  • Create a diagram of fabric using collected data

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