Course Description

Kinaxis is a top-notch role-based supply chain tool designed to match how individuals use RapidResponse to endure challenging business transformations while managing and realizing in-depth value from it.

Kinaxis plays a pivotal role in reducing risks, maximizing outcomes, and seamless functionalities to reduce complexity into simple ones, making it the most favorite role-based supply chain tool for optimum business transformation.

Successful business transformation goes far beyond the implementation, making more profits and minimizing the risk factors.

Learning Kinaxis from basics to advanced level and improvising it, you know to set up small incremental wins with the best-ever return on your supply chain investment. Eventually, building robust engagement strategies that aim at all your organization levels best suited your business.

Enrolling in this course, you learn about how to future-proof your supply chain, a well-defined blueprint to drive maximum value by addressing huge risks proactively. And speeding up the time to match RapidResponse Agile Implementation Method (AIM).

You also learn about the size, scale, and scope of RapidResponse adaptation with access to deep expertise in the platform and concurrent planning.

Our Faculty:

Trainers are our specialty. ExcelR's Kinaxis trainers/faculty are certified, qualified, experienced, and have a passion for training. Our trainers have extensive experience in Kinaxis corporate training and are among the best in the industry. We have faculty who are working professionals – experts in the Kinaxis tool – and you will be thrilled with what we offer.

ExcelR's Expertise in Kinaxis Training:

ExcelR works with the best Kinaxis qualified professionals who handle Kinaxis online training programs seamlessly. We tailor this training program to best match your needs and help you meet your objectives regardless if you are a team or an individual.

ExcelR’s Kinaxis training is one of the best available and geared towards the corporate fraternity, where you will learn the basics and get hands-on practice through assignments and real-life projects based on industry standards.


Completion of Kinaxis training doesn't mean that the support stops there. We always have something extra for you. We, therefore, are constantly striving to add value to the services we provide to ensure you get a better return on your investment.

Our dedicated team of Kinaxis is always there to back you. So, when you get stuck, or if any question remains unanswered, you should never hesitate to connect over the phone, by email, or by chats with our Kineaxis experts, for constant help and guidance.

ExcelR Kinaxis training is available globally through Live virtual classroom and classroom modes

Customized Kinaxis Corporate Training:

ExcelR Solutions specializes in tailor-made training and demonstrations for professionals of every level.

Based on the organization's objectives, ExcelR offers customized Kinaxis online corporate training in conjunction with the cross section of the businesses and their requirements. The training matches the specific implementations directed to the goals and objectives of the role-based supply chain technology with hands-on practical exercises.

Kinaxis's role and application are immense, and it provides agility to plan the future by giving full-fledged control over business planning and the digital supply chain. Using a flexible, customized approach, ExcelR makes it easier for participants to grasp the general and core concepts, which leads to better results with increased accuracy.

Course Curriculum

  • Apply the aggregate supply planning process
  • Analyze supply plan metrics
  • Identify and resolve gating components
  • Identify and resolve gating constraints
  • Identify and resolve excess
  • Finalize the supply plan
  • Monitor the master production schedule to maintain stability.
  • Adjust planning parameters, such as lot size and lead time
  • Run a command to firm up planned orders automatically
  • Review and adjust inventory targets to align the MPS
  • Identify the issues that are causing MPS orders to be late
  • Determine the best option to resolve MPS issues
  • Finalize and publish the MPS to share with others
  • Identify the Rapid Response demand planning components
  • Improve the accuracy of historical data by identifying and resolving causals and outliers. Configure forecast items and generate a statistical forecast
  • Manage product lifecycle
  • Determine ratios for the forecasts provided by Marketing, Sales, and Finance
  • Adjust the weight of the forecast categories to improve the accuracy of the consensus demand plan
  • Compare the performance of the different forecasts to align the consensus demand plan with the annual plan targets
  • Identify and analyze inventory issues
  • Resolve projected late orders by transferring inventory and updating safety stock quantities
  • Resolve projected stock-outs by updating lead times
  • Use the inventory quality ratio (IQR) to review and update IQR targets and transitions
  • Update inventory targets, such as periods of supply and lot size, to meet new inventory value targets
  • Configure and review the part configuration for inventory planning at a single level
  • Configure and review the part configuration for inventory planning at multiple levels
  • Generate and review safety stock recommendations
  • Apply safety stock recommendations
  • Evaluate the proposed safety stock plan and its impact


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