Course Description

Collibra tool helps you learn the foundation of data governance and its application in the data-driven industry, along with proficiency in metadata management and data catalog. The prime purpose of this training is to create higher-level ownership with data stewards.

Collibra enables companies and enterprises to find data quickly, identify its source, and assure its integrity. It also helps to maintain and apply the organization's policies on different data assets.

ExcelR’s Collibra training consists of client-specific exercises and situations to increase the client's revenue and maintain a workflow management system to streamline the task and maintain efficient communication and collaboration across the organization.

It identifies and resolves the data duplication, maintains seamless data quality, and provides customizable dashboards to every user to showcase data lineage insights and analytics.

This training will get you the complete walk-through from the foundation of data governance, various operating models using the Collibra platform. Data Governance Framework, Collibra catalog, Workflow, and API with seamless integration of Data Office and AI, identifying Collibra privacy and risks, maintaining the data quality throughout, with effective strategic planning and other related topics are covered extensively

Our Faculty:

Trainers are our forte. ExcelR’s Collibra trainers/faculty are certified, qualified, experienced and have passion for training. All our trainers have extensive experience in the space of Collibra corporate training and are considered to be the best in the industry. Our faculty are working professionals with extensive experience in Collibra tool. You would be more than happy with the quality training we offer

ExcelR's Expertise in Collibra tool

ExcelR has top-notch Collibra qualified professionals who handle Collibra online training programs seamlessly. When you join this training as a team or as an individual, we understand your requirements and design the course to best fit and drive you towards fulfilling the objectives.

Our training is one of the best of its kind and best fitted for corporate sectors where you learn the basics and get hands-on practical experience working on assignments and live projects based on industry standards. Our prices are the best considering the quality and continuing supports we deliver.


Our support doesn't end with your Collibra course completion certification, and we have something more for you every time. In other words, we love adding value to make sure you get more of what you pay us.

Our dedicated team of Collibra is always there to back you. So when you get stuck or any stone remains unturned, you can always connect with us over the phone, email, or chat with our Collibra experts at any point in time for endless support and valuable guidance.

ExcelR Collibra training is available globally and across India with specific centers in all the major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad.

Customized Collibra Corporate Training

ExcelR Solutions is best known for its Customized training, demonstrations, and teaching material to fit each professional's needs.

ExcelR offers customized Collibra online corporate training leading to Collibra Certification based on the corporate objectives. The training matches the specific implementations directed to the goals and objectives of the data-driven technology. Training will be studded with hands-on practical exercises

The application and role of Collibra are humongous and complex. The way ExcelR caters the training based on a modular and personalized approach makes it easy for the participants acquainted with general and core concepts to deliver optimum results with higher accuracy

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Data management and Governance
    • Data & Data Lifecycle
    • What is Data Management & Data Governance
  • Why is Data Governance Important
    • Problems faced by organization without a proper Data Governance
    • How Data Governance can solve the problems for an Organization
    • Challenges to implement a successful Data Governance
  • Data Governance Framework
    • Data Governance Framework
    • Pillars of Data Governance:
      • People
      • Process
      • Technology
      • Governance
    • Data Governance Strategy
    • Data Governance Policies & Procedures
    • Data Governance Organization and Stewardship Model
      • Data Governance Organizations
      • Roles and Responsibilities within Data Governance Organization
      • How to implement and operationalize a Data Governance Stewardship Model
  • Metadata Management
    • Business Glossary
    • Data Dictionary
  • Data Classification
    • Data Classification Rules & Regulations
    • Data Classification Standards
    • Benefits of proper Data Classification
  • Data Quality
    • Benefits of Data Quality implementation
    • Data Quality Dimensions
    • Data Quality Rules and Metrices
  • Introduction to Collibra
    • What is Collibra
    • Benefits of Collibra over other DG Tools
  • Products of Collibra
    • Describe and deep-dive in Collibra DGC
    • Functionality of different products(i.e. Collibra Catalog, Policy Manager, Helpdesk etc. )
  • Metamodel Structure in Collibra and Hierarchy
    • Defining structure and hierarchy in Collibra
    • What is Community in Collibra?
    • What is Domain in Collibra?
    • Types of Domains and custom Domain types in Collibra
    • Template structure and Template views in Collibra
  • Assets, Attributes, Relations & Roles in Collibra
    • Asset types and Asset Structure in Collibra
    • Attribues in Collibra
    • Types of relations and out-of-the-box relations in Collibra
    • Roles and responsabilités and their use in Collibra
  • Basics Of Integration
    • What is Integration
    • Need for Integration
    • Benefits of Integration
  • API
    • REST API
    • Collibra API Recap
  • Types of Integration
    • Different types of Integration
    • My SQL Integration
    • AWS integration using Collibra Catalogue
    • Snowflake Integration
    • Template structure and Template views in Collibra
  • Other Areas Best Practices for integration
  • Collibra On Prem and Collibra on Cloud
    • What is On prem and Cloud Infra
    • What is the difference between Collibra Cloud and On prem
    • Benefits of using different infrastructure
  • Setting up Collibra
    • Installing Collibra in cloud
    • Installing Collibra on prems
    • Key consideration of installation. And process
  • Lineage in Collibra
    • The benefit of lineage at an enterprise level
    • Lineage and how to use it in Collibra
    • Custom lineage view in Collibra and its benefits
  • Workflows in Collibra
    • Automated workflows and their use
    • Out-of-the-box workflows in Collibra
    • What is Domain in Collibra?
    • Scope of customized BPMN workflows in Collibra
  • Collibra Console
    • Use of Collibra Console
    • Nodes and Logs in Collibra Console
    • Back-up settings in Collibra Console
  • Complete Operating Model in Collibra
    • Demo of an End-to-End Operating Model in Collibra
  • Collibra Desktop and ‘On-the-Go’
    • Collibra On-the-Go
  • Collibra Use cases
    • Possible Collibra Use cases
    • Example of 4-5 Collibra Use cases
  • Hands On Training
    • Participants will be given an assignment
    • The assignment is aligned with real project scenario and Collibra Partner Training structure
    • After the assignment is done, we will have them checked and suggest required changes
  • Domain specific Use Cases
  • Collibra Certification Assistance
  • DG Framework Knowledge Transfer


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