Course Description

The Eclipse Rich Client Platform is generally thought of as a UI framework, and many teams adopt RCP as it offers a way to develop client-side applications quickly. Eclipse Rich Client Platform uses the Eclipse framework to create feature-rich stand-alone desktop applications. RCP is not just a UI framework; it's a modular UI framework. RCP's close integration with OSGi makes it one of the only UI technologies to leverage modularity from the ground up.

ExcelR's Expertise

At ExcelR, we have trainers who are experts in Eclipse Rich Client Platform and have extensive years of hands-on experience in implementing and teaching. Our trainers know how to teach complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. ExcelR is fully committed to the success of participants and tailors the Eclipse Rich Client Platform training in a way that matches the grasping ability of each participant attending the online Eclipse Rich Client Platform Course. Trainers at ExcelR ensure that every bit of information is put across to everyone, and each participant becomes thoroughly informed and familiar with the Eclipse rich client platform on completion of Eclipse rich client platform training. Our prices are affordable, yet our quality of training, personalization, and support are the best in the industry.


Our professionals coordinate with clients before the commencement of the course and provide full support during the course. We understand that when participants apply their training in real-life situations, they may come up against issues. We are always at your service to resolve them promptly. Not only are problems resolved, but we also give valuable and insightful tips. You can always connect to us via phone, email, and chat. Training is provided through Live Virtual Online and classroom based on the requirement. Get in touch with us for details.

Customized Training

No two trainings or trainees are the same. At ExcelR we understand that and we tailor Eclipse RCP training according to the needs of the participants. We understand your environment, cross section of the audience, individual differences of the participants and tailor the topics accordingly It is not easy for executives to grasp the complexities of the Eclipse-rich client platform. ExcelR offers a custom Eclipse rich client platform training program to help professionals become fully familiar with the platform and develop expertise in it. We customize our Eclipse rich client platform training according to the need of the company as well as the knowledge level of executives.

Course Curriculum

  • Eclipse RCP framework architecture
  • SWT and Jface overview
  • Plug-in and Bundle
  • Plug-in lifecycle
  • Modularity and loose coupling
  • Lazy loading
  • Plug-in and package dependencies
  • Deep dive in to eclipse RCP like action, view, editor action factory, perspective, extension activities
  • E3 Vs e4 eclipse
  • Overview of e4 eclipse
  • Details about fragment
  • Dependency injection in e4 eclipse
  • Walkthrough about EMF underlying layers in Eclipse RCP
  • Automation of Eclipse RCP


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