How do I get a Data science job?
How do I get a Data science job?

How do I get a Data science job?


Landing a position in Data Science is not tough but rather all you require is the skills to kick-start your data science career. There are few core data science competencies which are required for turning into a data scientist.

  • The Statistics

  • Machine Learning

  • Software Tools

  • Linear Algebra and Multi-Variable Calculus

  • Data Visualization

  • Software Engineering

  • Multi-Dimension Problem Solving

The skills we get at the colleges in 90% of the cases are not helpful. In real projects, these 4 data coding skills are required:

  • Python

  • SQL

  • R

  • Bash


Source: KDnuggets

Data Scientist not only does the managing of pre-cleaned data, also need to get enough experience in cleaning cluttered data. Aside from these above core abilities, the best course to turning into a data scientist is putting thought and exertion into developing a well-rounded portfolio is an awesome approach. ExcelR supports building a portfolio of data science projects in helping students to get their first data science jobs, and many students have done this effectively.

Here are a few strategies, for building a data science portfolio that will get noticed to get a job

  • A strong data science portfolio is comprised of a few medium sized data science projects to show the employer that you have the key skills that they’re searching for

  • The roles might not be called as ‘Data Scientist’, however something like Data Analyst’, or ‘Business Analyst’. Be humble and willing to do what it takes to get into the industry

  • Different projects can show different things. Here are a couple of various kinds of projects you can build: Machine Learning, Explanatory, Data Cleaning, Data Storytelling, Data Visualization, A factual idea or a machine learning algorithm

  • You should consider the kind of job you need while choosing what projects to add to your portfolio. As specified above, they shouldn’t be all machine learning ventures

  • If you have a specific interest in Data Visualization, you might add a couple of data visualization projects and possibly add some interactive visualizations to show your skills in that area

  • You must familiarize yourself with the promotions for the jobs you will go for – take a look at the skills they are looking for, and utilize that as a sign to select projects for your portfolio

  • A viable project isn’t doing some analysis and uploading it. You have to put time and exertion into making your project easy to understand and digest

  • Keep in mind that it’s possible that your readme is the only thing some people will look at for ‘selling’ your project

  • Be careful that within the process of hiring procedure, diverse kinds of people will look at your portfolio, and they will have distinctive levels of skill and understanding

  • Give a short outline of the aim and the skills it demonstrates, and provide an easy-to-follow link. Your initial application might list your portfolio ‘blog’ more prominently that generally you will encounter less technical people early in the hiring process, and more technical people later on, so

  • A portfolio is a greatly compelling way of acting as a replacement when searching for your first Data Science work.

  • Lastly, consider exhibiting your portfolio projects like a short-term contract as your portfolio is a prominent part of your application

As more people are entering into this field, getting into the top few percents requires not only skills but a considerable measure of time and some luck.


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