Course Description

What is Citrix ADC Training?

Ensuring consistent, seamless, and secure application delivery across multi-cloud platforms can be time-consuming and a real challenge — but with Citrix ADC it’s highly possible in the least time. Application Delivery Controller (ADC) using Citrix is a channel that enhances web-based applications' performance, security, and resilience by designing a purpose-built networking appliance.

In Citrix ADC, the CHMX ADC just goes beyond the load balancing to provide holistic visibility across multi-cloud, so organizations seamlessly manage and monitor the application’s health, security, and performance. It is highly scalable and provides better performance and lower latency so that customers get a seamless experience with every application, at every time.

This course aims at making you a Citrix ADC expert with ADC essentials — Platforms, Architecture, Licensing, and Functionality, and also focuses on Traffic Management, including Content Switching, Traffic Optimization, and Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB).

Therefore, mastering Citrix ADC with industry-leading post-training support makes the whole training exciting and fun for providing a proven system for Security, SSL Offloading, and Rewrite Responder URL Transformation, including the AppExpert policy engine.

Our Faculty

ExcelR's Citrix ADC trainers are the best in the business and highly experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they bring to the table and how they make each topic easier to digest.

Thus by enrolling in the training, you can always make the most out of their vast experience and grasp the whole new and existing concepts of Citrix ADC in the minimum time. And upon completion of the course, you will become industry-ready to handle any Citrix ADC challenge since our faculty are working professionals who stay updated with the latest trends.

Therefore, whether it’s about providing real-life Citrix use cases or more advanced knowledge, our quality of training will exceed your expectations.

Why Should You Choose ExcelR for Citrix ADC training?

Citrix ADC online training from ExcelR is the best in the global market, providing a seamless transition between primary and advanced training levels.

Thus, when you enroll in the Citrix ADC course, you gain expertise in all the essential concepts and hands-on experience working on real-time projects and assignments based on the industry's latest demands with quality at its top-notch.

We offer one of the most comprehensive Citrix ADC classes in the industry, which is best suited for any corporate company or individual looking to advance their career. Our process begins with understanding your requirements and objectives, and we then tailor them to meet your company's goals.

For this reason, we always mean it when we say that our process is elegant for the quality we offer in our Citrix ADC courses for the price we quote.


The Citrix ADC course from ExcelR is available worldwide in a live-virtual (online) mode. So once you enroll in this course, you get endless support for your incredible journey ahead in your career.

So whenever you feel stuck or have mountains ahead and need assistance, our trainers help you over the phone via emails and live chats with 1:1 guidance. Thus with us at ExcelR, we always ensure you get a lot more value for what you pay.

Customized Citrix ADC Training Based on Corporate Requirements

ExcelR always stands out best for its customized training, demonstration, and Citrix ADC course material designed to meet the organization's specific needs based on individual and corporate needs.

You'll learn how to identify the specific uses of Citrix ADC in your organization with our Citrix ADC corporate training. Again, you’ll also learn all the essential skills to help you deploy and manage Citrix ADC 13.x with Traffic Management through understanding the functionalities and capabilities of Citrix ADC and obtaining, installing, and managing Citrix ADC licenses.

Citrix ADC has a massive role in the world of IT, and its products have a bright future for companies of all sizes. So by learning this course, you will be able to comprehend basic ADC network architecture, understand how SSL is used to secure Citrix ADC, and optimize the ADC system for traffic handling and management.

Therefore, you'll also enjoy hands-on practical training at ExcelR since we offer module-based and customized training.

Who Can Take This Citrix ADC Certification Course?

  • IT Professionals working with little to no previous ADC experience.
  • Cloud Software Administrators
  • Cloud Software Engineers
  • Cloud Software Architects


  • Basic understanding of TCP/IP, HTTP
  • Basic understanding of the OSI model
  • Basic understanding of network devices, and networking protocols.


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Citrix ADC 
  • Feature and Platform Overview 
  • Deployment Options 
  • Architectural Overview 
  • Setup and Management
  • Networking Topology 
  • Citrix ADC Components 
  • Routing 
  • Access Control Lists
  • Citrix ADC MPX 
  • Citrix ADC VPX 
  • Citrix ADC CPX 
  • Citrix ADC SDX 
  • Citrix ADC BLX
  • Citrix ADC High Availability 
  • High Availability Configuration 
  • Managing High Availability 
  • In Service Software Upgrade 
  • Troubleshooting High Availability 
  • Load Balancing Overview 
  • Load Balancing Methods and Monitors 
  • Load Balancing Traffic Types 
  • Load Balancing Protection 
  • Priority Load Balancing 
  • Load Balancing Troubleshooting
  • SSL Overview 
  • SSL Configuration 
  • SSL Offload 
  • Troubleshooting SSL Offload 
  • SSL Vulnerabilities and Protections
  • Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing 
  • Configuring External Authentication 
  • Admin Partitions
  • Citrix ADC Logging 
  • Monitoring with SNMP 
  • Reporting and Diagnostics 
  • AppFlow Functions 
  • Citrix Application Delivery Management 
  • Troubleshooting
  • Default Policy Overview 
  • Default Expression Syntax 
  • Policy Bindings 
  • AppExpert Additional Features
  • Rewrite Policies 
  • Responder Policies 
  • DNS Rewrite and Responder 
  • URL Transformation
  • Content Switching Overview 
  • Content Switching Configuration
  • Citrix ADC Optimization Overview 
  • HTTP Compression 
  • Integrated Caching 
  • Front-End Optimization
  • GSLB Overview 
  • GSLB Architecture 
  • Content-Switching GSLB 
  • GSLB MEP and Monitoring 
  • Customizing GSLB

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