Course Description

What Is the SolarWinds Orion 101 Training All About?

Acquire foundational knowledge of SolarWinds Orion, a single integrated platform to monitor complex IT network types and architectures.

It’s essential that a company or an organization keeps a tab on devices and applications connected to a network for a flawless flow of processes. Several networking performance monitoring tools and techniques are in place to diagnose network issues and alert an organization to bring things under control at the right time, if not in advance.

One such powerful and efficient tool that most big sharks prefer is SolarWinds. Gartner rates SolarWinds NPM with 4.4-star ratings out of 5. It’s an all-inclusive solution that optimizes and troubleshoots performance, discovers networks, analyzes traffic and bandwidth, and more for on-premises, hybrid, or cloud networks.

Our SolarWinds Orion 101 training sessions are designed to guide IT professionals through how to install NPM, NCM, SAM, and Orion platform, and introduce them to analyzing and optimizing network performance.

Our Faculty

With SolarWinds Certified Professionals who carry vast experience in the domain as your faculty, our sessions have always delivered the right amount of knowledge to the learner. The trainers would walk you through the intricacies of the subject and infer appropriate meanings in reference to the context.

Why Should You Choose ExcelR for SolarWinds Orion 101 Training?

Catering to the skilling needs of the corporate sector for close to a decade now, we have never compromised on the quality of training. We carefully prepare the course modules taking into account the time and energy, working professionals can contribute. The SolarWinds Orion 101 course modules include NPM, NCM, NTA, SAM, IPAM, UDT, and VNQM with organized theory sessions and labs, so a learner will get the hang of its deployment in a real-time setup.


Our training doesn’t end with the theory sessions. We believe that hands-on experience is what makes a learner gain a thorough understanding of the subject and we make sure learners are made to work on labs as and when they complete a module. In case of any doubts or queries, we’ve made sure that our mentors are readily available to clarify them. With one-on-one guidance from experts, you’ll know installing and configuring various engines associated with the tool inside out!

Customized SolarWinds Orion 101 Course for Corporate Requirements:

We understand that corporate requirements differ with the team size, and hence we provide customizable training solutions. We also take into account the amount of knowledge the professionals have in the domain, relevant experience if any, work timings, and more while we deliver training. Learners access the recorded sessions in case they miss a session. Our training is much more flexible than the ones in the market.

Who Can Take This SolarWinds Orion 101 Certification Course

Those who are interested in buying the SolarWinds software or who have implemented it completely.


Students of all knowledge levels can take this course.

Course Curriculum


  • Orion Platform Architecture
  • Application Server Requirements
  • SQL Server Requirements
  • Installation of NPM
  • Orion Configuration Wizard
  • Core Components Overview
  • Orion Network Sonar Discovery
  • Orion Basic Polling Methods
  • Optional Windows & Linux Agents
  • User Account
  • Custom Properties
  • Orion Groups
  • Orion Dependencies
  • Integrated Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring (IVIM)
  • Syslogs and SNMP Traps
  • NetPath
  • Network Insight for F5 BIG-IP
  • Wireless Monitoring
  • Cisco UCS API Integration
  • Cisco Switch Stack Monitoring
  • Universal Device Pollers
  • NPM Polling Settings and Data Retention
  • Installation of NTA
  • NTA Flow Storage Database (FSDB)
  • Considerations
  • Overview of Flow Technologies and Cisco NBAR2
  • NetFlow Configuration Example on Cisco Device(s)
  • NTA Overview
  • IP Address Groups
  • Custom Application Monitoring
  • CBQoS Monitoring
  • NTA Flow Navigator Searches
  • Installation of NCM
  • NCM Overview
  • NCM User Permissions
  • Adding Nodes to NCM
  • NCM Connection Profiles
  • NCM Device Templates
  • NCM Jobs and Scheduling Backups
  • Executing Scripts and Bulk Changes
  • Real-Time Configuration Change Detection
  • Compliance Policy Reports
  • End of Sales/End of Support Management
  • Cisco Firmware Vulnerabilities Reporting
  • Introduction to Configuration Change
  • Templates
  • Installation of SAM
  • SAM Overview
  • SAM User Permissions
  • AppInsight Templates for Microsoft SQL, Exchange, and IIS
  • Windows Scheduled Task Monitoring
  • Understanding SAM Component Types
  • Managing Application Templates and Assigning Monitors
  • Orion Alerting Overview
  • Web-based Alert Engine
  • Orion Reporting Overview
  • Orion Report Writer Application
  • Web-based Report Engine
  • Orion Maps
  • Network Atlas and Wireless Heat Maps
  • Worldwide Map Resource
  • Orion View Managemen
  • Custom View Creation
  • NOC View Designs
  • Installation of IPAM
  • IPAM Overview
  • IPAM User Permissions
  • Importing Subnets and IP Addresses
  • DHCP Management
  • DNS Managemen
  • Installation of UDT
  • UDT Overview
  • Adding Nodes and Ports to UDT
  • Mapping Ports to Hostname, MAC Address, and IP Addresses
  • Monitoring Active Directory Domain Controllers for User Login Data
  • VNQM Overview
  • Database Performance Tuning: Fine Tuning Database Server Performance SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA).
  • Database Server Storage Consideration, Backup, and Restore, SQL Server - Performance Optimization and Best Practices
  • Run the Database Maintenance Manually in Orion
  • Application Performance Optimization Pack
  • Checking Orion Database Health Check
  • Optimize and Scale Orion Platform Products
  • Troubleshoot Orion Deployment Issues With Active Diagnostics
  • Know the Environment Monitored With the Orion Platform
  • Optimize Polling Engines in Your Orion Platform Deployment
  • Optimize the Database Used by Orion Platform Products
  • Optimize the Performance of the Orion Web Console
  • Maintain Your Orion Platform Deployment
  • Collect Diagnostics From the Orion Web Console
  • Optimization Checklist for Your Orion Platform Deployment

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