Course Description


Minitab, a statistical tool, is used in 4000 universities across the globe to train their students & is used in 90% of fortune 500 companies. This is proof enough to say that Minitab training will set you aloof from the crowd. This adds additional weight to the resume to showcase the strength of statistics & the power to accomplish projects in shorter timeframe using Minitab tool. The GUI (graphical user interface) is extremely easy to navigate across the options, accomplish the techniques and achieve the business objectives. This makes the usage of Minitab extremely easy.

Training Dates And Fee

  • Duration: 2 day
  • Please refer to the training calendar for the dates
  • Rs. 12000 Rs. 10000, early bird price (incl. Taxes)

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Minitab & Statistics
  • Display Descriptive Statistics
  • Box Plot, Histogram
  • Probability Distribution Plot
  • Attribute Agreement Analysis
  • Gage R & R
  • Normality Test
  • 2 – Variance Test
  • 2 – Sample T Test
  • Test for Equal Variances
  • One way ANOVA
  • 2 – Proportion Test
  • Chi-Square Test
  • Chi-Square Test of homogeneity
  • Scatter Plot
  • Correlation
  • Regression
  • Capability Analysis (Normal)
  • Capability Analysis (Binomial)
  • 1-Sample Z Test
  • 1-Sample T Test
  • 1-Sample Sign Test
  • Paired T Test
  • Mann-Whitney Test
  • Mood’s Median Test
  • Factorial Design
  • Define Custom Factorial Designs
  • Analyze Factorial Designs
  • DOE Analysis
  • DOE Model Reduction
  • Main Effects Plot
  • Interaction Effects Plot
  • Cube Plot
  • Contour and Surface Plot
  • Fractional Factorial Design
  • I-MR Charts
  • I-MR Moving Range Chart
  • I-MR Individuals Chart
  • X-Bar R Chart
  • X-Bar S Chart
  • P Chart
  • NP Chart
  • C Chart
  • U Chart
  • Quality professionals
  • Statisticians, Economists, Mathematicians
  • Six Sigma consultants
  • CMMI consultants
  • Project Managers / Senior Managers interested in increasing savings by reduction of waste and rework
  • Engineering Process Group members
  • Metrics council members
  • Leadership team members who want to make data-driven decisions

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