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Business Analytics / Data Analytics / Data Scientist Certifications

What is the No.1 profession of the 21st century? What is the profession to be termed as sexist in the 21st century? Which profession provides salaries like never seen before? Which profession are most (all) companies hunting for in full throttle? Which profession ensures that your salaries grow exponentially with the experience?

Answer to all the above questions is the word “DATA SCIENTIST”, which is also termed differently as Data Analytics or Business Analytics. All it takes to become a successful data scientist is working knowledge of 5 core concepts – Statistical Analysis, Forecasting, Data Mining, Data Visualisation & Text Mining. Excelr provides hands-on training using live case studies being implemented in industry for 50 hours. In addition participants are provided with assignments, mini-projects, quizzes, case studies & a final capstone project to ensure that you are ready to crack any interview immediately after the last day of training.

As part of Statistical Analysis training we start from very basics & move on to discuss about very advanced concepts including Linear, Logistic, Poisson, Binomial, Negative Binomial, Zero Inflated regression techniques, Imputation etc. These core concepts provide you an edge over other aspirants who are trained else where. Aspirants can also opt to consider only statistical analysis training & thereby get statistical analysis certification. This will provide more confidence to the employers.

As part of Forecasting training you will learn about the various time series techniques which includes Auto Regression (AR) , Moving Average (MA), Exponential Smoothing (ES), ARMA, ARIMA, ARCH & GARCH. These forecasting techniques are includes to help you learn advanced concepts and differentiate yourself from the rest in interviews as well as professional career when you start working on projects. Individuals can also opt to consider Forecasting certification (Time series certification) as a stand alone based on the nature of their work and their passion.

Data Mining training includes two streams – Unsupervised data mining & Supervised data mining. As part of this machine learning training you will be exposed to various techniques within Unsupervised learning which will help you perform clustering, build recommender system, perform network analysis etc., and all the various techniques within Supervised learning which will help you build classification & prediction models. Supervised learning is majorly used in Artificial Intelligence in the current world. One might want to opt for only Data Mining training & certification based on the high demand for only data mining.

Data Visualisation training is a must have for any data analyst. You will be exposed to Tableau which is arguably number one data visualisation tool with a lot of analytical capabilities. The data visualisation principles will hone the presentation skills, technical aspects on how to create reports, dashboard will make you market ready to pursue career as Tableau developer. ExcelR also provides Tableau Server Administration training. Prospective candidates can also appear for Tableau external certification to build the profile further.

Text Mining is the most sort after skill in a data scientist. Reason being, 80% of the unstructured data is textual. Data is getting generated in social media in form of tweets, posts, etc., e-commerce website in form of review comments etc. How to analyse the data which is to the tune of peta bytes & bring about business insights which will help meet the business objectives. You will learn about text analysis, Sentiment analysis, Dendrograms, Semantic networks, etc.

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