Course Description

What is Oracle 11G Administration and Management Training?

Oracle 11G Administration and Management training will teach you the basics of an Oracle server and environment along with the most critical job of a Database Administrator — backup and recovery. It's one of the most reliable and widely used relational database modules based on a relational database structure where users can directly access the data objects.

ExcelR's Oracle 11G training is unique and based on the latest course curriculum in the industry. It covers major topics such as processes and architectural concepts on relational database management, automating the DBA process with a scheduler, diagnosing and repairing data failure, managing space effectively, and managing data integrity.

You will work on how to backup and recover a database with RMAN, using flashback technologies to view past data states and revert the object or the entire database to past forms. Again, you'll be able to optimize space effectively and respond to the growing space, along with monitoring and managing database components in terms of memory, performance, and resources, maintaining the data integrity throughout the process.

Our Oracle 11G Administration and Management training is up-to-date and curated by our Oracle experts, matching the ongoing demand on the market. In addition, we make sure to add every new release of Oracle 11G to our curriculum so that you will have the best hands-on experience.

Our Faculty

ExcelR's Oracle 11G trainers are top-notch, experienced, qualified, and passionate about teaching through real-life industry case studies of backups and recovery of Relational Database Management.

Again, we offer high-class training as our faculty members are working professionals and hold rich experience in handling relational databases. In addition, we always make sure to stick to the latest trends in the industry with top-class Oracle 11G experience.

So by enrolling in this course, you will learn the most complete and tailored Oracle 11G training that will guide you thoroughly on the operating Oracle Database and Servers and their best practices.

Why Should You Choose ExcelR for Oracle 11G Administration and Management Training?

ExcelR has top-notch Oracle 11G professionals who conduct various sessions on Oracle 11G online training giving deeper insights and demonstrating the most crucial role of Database Administration — backups and recovery.

Your Oracle 11G training begins with the basics and slowly paces towards the advanced topics. Throughout the training, you'll gain hands-on practical experience working on assignments, and live projects, along with the tools and techniques used by top-notch DBAs in Oracle domains.

Our Oracle 11G Administration and Management training is one of the best and a significant fit for corporate sectors. Whether you join this training as a team or individual, first, we understand your requirements and tailor your training to fit all your needs and drive you towards the corporate goals at the best price in the market compared to the quality and continuous support we provide.


ExcelR is best known for its excellent post-training support throughout the training and beyond. So, the support we provide doesn't end with your Oracle 11G certification; we always ensure you get more of what you pay for.

Our dedicated team of Oracle 11G is always there to back you endlessly. So whenever you feel stuck, you can always reach us over the phone, email, or chat with our Oracle experts at any point in time for unparalleled support.

ExcelR offers Oracle 11G training both online and offline with complete hands-on exercises, case studies, and endless post-training support, which makes no wonder why ExcelR is considered one of the best Oracle 11G training providers across the globe.

Customized Oracle 11G Training Based on Corporate Requirements

ExcelR always stands out for its customized training, demonstrations, teaching material, and state-of-art-curriculum designed to suit the market demands and the individual's needs to climb up the corporate ladders.

The application and role of Oracle 11G are humongous and subjective based on the organization's needs. ExcelR caters for training based on a modular and personalized approach and is studded with hands-on practical exercises and best practices of Oracle 11G to mould you into a highly-skilled Database Administrator.

Oracle 11G online corporate training is highly customized and tailored to fit the latest requirements and ensures that the specific implementation is directed to the corporate goals and objectives. Moreover, the participants will be familiarized with general and core concepts and deliver optimum results with higher accuracy.


  • Oracle Database 11g Database Administration
  • Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I DBA Release 2
  • Working knowledge of SQL and how to use PL/SQL packages

Who Can Take This Oracle 11G Certification Course?

  • Database Administrators
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Administrator
  • Technical Consultant


Course Curriculum

  • The Oracle Database Architecture: Overview 
  • ASM Storage Concepts 
  • Connecting to the Database and the ASM 
  • Instance DBA Tools Overview
  • Purpose of Backup and Recovery (B&R), Typical Tasks, and Terminology 
  • Using the Recovery Manager (RMAN) 
  • Configuring your Database for B&R 
  • Operations Configuring Archivelog Mode 
  • Configuring Backup Retention 
  • Configuring and Using a Flash Recovery Area (FRA) 
  • Tracking and Storing Backup Information 
  • Setting up a Recovery Catalog 
  • Recording Backups 
  • Using RMAN Stored Scripts 
  • Managing the Recovery Catalog (Backup, Export, Import, Upgrade, Drop, and Virtual Private Catalog) 
  • Configuring and Managing 
  • Persistent Settings for RMAN Configuring 
  • Auto backup of Control File Backup optimization 
  • Advanced Configuration Settings: Compressing Backups 
  • Configuring Backup and Restore for Very Large Files (Multisection)
  • RMAN backup types 
  • Creating and Using the following: 
  • - Backup Sets and Image Copies 
  • - Whole Database Backup 
  • - Fast Incremental Backup 
  • - Configure Backup Destinations 
  • - Duplexed Backup Sets 
  • - Archival Backups 
  • Restoring and Recovering 
  • Causes of File Loss 
  • Automatic Temp File Recovery 
  • Recovering from the Loss of a Redo Log Group 
  • Recovering from a Lost Index Tablespace 
  • Re-creating a Password Authentication 
  • File Complete and Incomplete 
  • Recovery Other Recovery Operations 
  • Complete Recovery after Loss of a Critical or Noncritical Data 
  • File Recovering Image Copies and Switching 
  • Files Restore and Recovery of a Database in NOARCHIVELOG Mode 
  • Incomplete Recovery 
  • Performing Recovery with a Backup Control 
  • File Restoring from Auto backup: Server Parameter File and Control File 
  • Restoring and Recovering the Database on a New Host
  • Monitoring RMAN Jobs 
  • Balance Between Speed of Backup Versus Speed of Recovery 
  • RMAN Multiplexing 
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous I/O 
  • Data Recovery Advisor (DRA) 
  • Block Corruption 
  • Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR) 
  • Health Monitor 
  • The ADR Command-Line Tool, ADRCI 
  • Flashback Technology: Overview and Setup 
  • Using Flashback Technology to Query Data 
  • Flashback Table 
  • Flashback Transaction Query 
  • Performing Flashback Transaction Backout
  • Oracle Total Recall Flashback 
  • Drop and the Recycle Bin
  • Configuring Flashback Database 
  • Performing Flashback Database Operations 
  • Monitoring Flashback Database
  • Oracle Memory Structures 
  • Oracle Database Memory Parameters 
  • Using Automatic Memory Management 
  • Automatic Shared Memory Management 
  • Using Memory Advisors 
  • Using Data Dictionary Views
  • Tuning Activities 
  • Using Statistic Preferences 
  • Optimizer Statistics Collection 
  • Monitor the Performance of Sessions and Services 
  • Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) 
  • Describing the Benefits of Database Replay
  • SQL Tuning and SQL Advisors 
  • Using SQL Tuning Advisor 
  • SQL Access Advisor 
  • SQL Performance Analyzer Overview 
  • Database Resource Manager: Overview and Concepts 
  • Accessing and Creating Resource Plans 
  • Creating Consumer Group 
  • Specifying Resource Plan Directives, including: 
  • - Limiting CPU Utilization at the Database Level 
  • - Instance Caging 
  • Activating a Resource Plan 
  • Monitoring the Resource Manager
  • Simplifying Management Tasks 
  • Creating a Job, Program, and Schedule 
  • Using Time-Based, Event-Based, and Complex Schedules 
  • Describing the Use of Windows, Window Groups, Job Classes, and Consumer Groups Multi-Destination Jobs 
  • Free Space Management 
  • Monitoring Space 
  • Compressing Data
  • Segment Creation on Demand 
  • Additional Automatic Space-Saving Functionality 
  • Shrinking Segments 
  • Segment Advisor 
  • Managing Resumable Space Allocation 
  • Using 4 KB-Sector Disks 
  • Transporting Tablespaces 
  • Transporting Databases
  • Purpose and Methods of Cloning a Database 
  • Using RMAN to Create a Duplicate Database 
  • Cloning a Database from a Backup 
  • Duplicate a Database Based on a Running Instance
  • Targetless Duplicating a Database 

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