Secure your career with the best Tableau online training in Excelr

Life is all about choosing the right trail, and one of the most significant chunks of life is to select the best career options. One should not go with the flow in the lifecycle, determining [...]

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Online PMP Certification course can help you to achieve success easily

The modern technology has made our life easy and comfortable in various ways and now we can do almost everything from our place using internet connections. Then why don’t you use it in learning a [...]

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Data Science-Data Mining-Clustering

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DATA SCIENCE-Data Mining-Recommendation System

Recommendation System It is Also known as “Collaborative Filtering” If Person A has the same opinion as Person B on an issue, A is more likely to have B’s opinion on a different issue ‘x’, [...]

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DATA SCIENCE-Data Mining -Unsupervised Learning

Data Mining Is also known as “Machine Learning” Data Mining is divided into two subcategories 1. Unsupervised Learning 2. Supervised Learning Unsupervised Technique: If Output(Y) is not Known, then we will go for Unsupervised Technique. [...]

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