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My Journey with Data Science

It was March of 2006. I was nervously waiting outside the placement cell for my turn while memorizing some concepts from my favorite Philip Kotler text book on Marketing. During my 2 years of MBA [...]

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Learn How To Become A Data Scientist?

Every business needs some kind of process to track their business and plan their goals. However, this can never be made possible without a data scientist who could help in data collection, evaluation, processing, and [...]

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Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep is a new ETL tool that allows for a fast and visual overview of the data and to prepare, cleanse and blend the data easily. Before you start your analysis in Tableau Desktop, [...]

Tableau and its Insights

Tableau is a data analytics platform provider that is all about simplicity and enablement, preferring to look at the functions and insights that data can draw, without needing a data scientists to gain those insights. [...]

Text Mining Vs Text Analytics

In the early days the processing used to take a lot of time, days, in fact, to process or even implement the machine learning algorithms, but with the introduction of tools such as Hadoop, Azure, [...]

How to Learn R Programming

As our population is increasing so is our data and if not taken care we will face data-explosion in near future.  There are many tools for handling data one of which is R programming which [...]

Why log management is absolutely critical for IT security

Log file management is a fundamental step for the companies working with firewalls and intrusion detection system, which often makes a good business sense. Every organization needs secure IT and company budget usually gets the [...]

SAP Leonardo-A New Digital Innovation from SAP

Sap Leonardo is a digital innovation from SAP that enables customers to make use of future technologies like IoT, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Analytics and Big Data to deliver software and microservices. The name SAP Leonardo [...]

The Negative side of ChatBot

Round the clock availability is the major criteria for the modern day business. ChatBots fulfills this requirement using Artificial Intelligence that simulates the conversations of the people. AI-powered ChatBots serves as the first point of [...]

Highest-Paying PMP Jobs

In the U.S. in 2017, according to a survey of 10,937 project managers, the average project management professional without a PMP certification made $99,070 per year and the average project manager salary goes up to [...]