Course Description

What is BlueCat Training?

BlueCat is a dynamic, highly secure, open, cloud-based rapid application development platform that utilizes digitization to configure and customize Domain Name Server (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). BlueCat is one of the most widely used enterprise network solutions based on the latest trending hybrid cloud network and solution provider, which is highly in demand everywhere.

BlueCat DNS skills will enhance to serve a broader range of industry demand resulting in a new skill that will never be outdated in the market. Enrolling in this course will make you a network expert who can deliver adaptive DNS configuration based on industry requirements by managing and optimizing the IP spaces.

ExcelR offers the best-in-the-industry online BlueCat training designed to understand the DHCP configuration with advanced proficiency and the BlueCat security system aspect. So when you join this course, you learn and master everything related to network security and course completion certification based on DNS and DHCP configurations.

Our Faculty

ExcelR's BlueCat trainers are highly experienced, qualified, and passionate about teaching through real-life, industry-specific case studies. Therefore, by enrolling in this BlueCat corporate training, you always gain an advantage from using their expertise to thoroughly understand the whole concept of networking within a few hours.

Unlike other training providers, our faculty members are working professionals with top-class BlueCat networking expertise with 17+ years of experience, so you’ll experience the best transition along with the new skills for a promising career.

Why Should You Choose ExcelR for BlueCat Training?

We have highly qualified BlueCat professionals handling BlueCat online training seamlessly at ExcelR. Firstly, we analyze your training requirements and objectives and craft them as a way to propel you towards your corporate goals, so you become the best version of yourself through hands-on, real-time training using industrial case studies.

Our BlueCat training is one of the best of its kind and best suited for corporate sectors who seek a great career in networking securities. Training begins with the basics and progresses to the advanced level. During the training, you get hands-on experience working on assignments and capstone projects so you get a very complete picture of BlueCat.

Therefore, when we say, "We offer the BlueCat at the best price based on the quality and the ongoing support we provide," we always value it more than anything.


ExcelR's BlueCat training is available across the globe, and enrolling in this training is just the beginning of our endless support, and we make sure you get much more than you pay for.

If you have questions, our BlueCat team is always available to assist you over the phone, via email, or through our live chat service whenever you need help.

Customized BlueCat Training Based on Corporate Requirements

ExcelR always stands out as best for its customized training, demonstrations, and teaching material designed to suit the organization's specific needs and audience based on the individual or corporate requirements.

During our BlueCat corporate training, you will learn how to identify the specific uses of BlueCat in your organization and facilitate the best networking security based on DNS and DHCP configurations.

The application and role of BlueCat are humongous. They have an excellent future for establishing highly secured network securities that are open and based on cloud platforms by managing and optimizing IP spaces.

You'll enjoy ExcelR's hands-on practical exercises, which are unique to a module-based and customized training program based on industry and corporate requirements on domain configuration, DNS nomenclature, and IP standardizations for a solid understanding of complex networks infrastructures.

Who Can Join BlueCat Corporate Training?

IT professionals and DDI administrators with a comprehensive understanding of TCP/IP, DNS, and DHCP.


Course Curriculum

  • Managing DNS view
  •   Adding DNS view
  •   Editing DNS view
  •   Deleting DNS view
  •   Creating an Internal root zone
  •   ACLs
  •   Managing DNS zone
  •   DNS reverse zone
  •   DNS deployment options
  •   DNS deployment roles
  •   Managing Records
  •   Added the start of authority
  •   Importing DNS records
  •   Adding External Records
  •   Bulk DNS updates
  •   one Transfer
  •   Dynamic DNS
  •   Stub Zone
  •   Recursive DNS
  •   DNS zone Delegation
  •   BlueCat Threat Protection
  •   Defining IP space
  •   Adding blocks and networks
  •   Managing Networks (Creating, Resizing, Splitting, Merging)
  •   DHCP ranges
  •   DHCP deployment options
  •   DHCP vendor Profile and Option
  •   DHCP match Class
  •   DHCP deployment roles
  •   DHCP failover
  •   MAC pools
  •   Version Management, upgrading, and Patching
  •   DHCP alert notifications
  •   Configuring HTTPS
  •   Configuring SNMP, SSH, NTP, and Syslog redirection.
  •   Restoring deleted objects
  •   Users and groups
  •   Adding External Authenticators
  •   Global Search
  •   Configuring Interface and assignment of IP
  •   Backing up Database Management
  •   Monitoring DNS/DHCP server
  •   Adding other DNS server
  •   Adding LTM
  •   Configuring Server interface
  •   Enabling and Disabling server
  •   Managing Deployment (Quick, Schedule, and general)
  •   Managing Events. Transactions and Reporting.
  •   Configuring system settings
  •   Configuring the system time
  •   Configuring the Mail service
  •   Configuring Dedicated Management
  •   Configuring xHA (Creating and Breaking)
  •   Enabling Query Logging
  •   Database management
  •   Archive and Purge
  •   Database Cleaner
  •   Re-indexing database

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