Course Description

Atlassian Tools Training

ExcelR offers corporate training on Atlassian products like JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket (Stash), Fisheye and Crucible. We have conducted myriad training on these tools to various corporates across India and Middle East. ExcelR is considered to be the market leader in this space owing to their extensive experience in delivering corporate trainings on these tools.


Bamboo, a product of Atlassian is used for continuous integration, deployment and delivery in the space of software development. Helps in automating build, test, release and deployment together in a single workflow. Bamboo has extensive integration capabilities with JIRA, Bitbucket, Fisheye, Crucible, Hipchat etc. One can gain an insight on the status of builds and deployment at one go and on how the status gets updated across all the tools. Bamboo helps with real-time notifications about failed builds, tests and deployments which will be collaborated across the teams.

Bitbucket (Formerly known as Stash)

Bitbucket server is a GIT solution to code, manage and collaborate and deploy. It is a distributed version control system with excellent scalability capabilities. One can approve the code more effectively using pull requests and can collaborate over the code with inline comments. Bitbucket has myriad deployment models which suits the needs of any organization. Workflows can be secured by managing the permissions at the project, repository or branch level. Bitbucket has excellent integration capabilities with tools like JIRA, Hipchat, Bamboo etc.


FishEye, owned by Atlassian is the source code repository browser for organizations. Developers can perform advanced search various code repositories like Git, Mercurial, Perforce and CVS SVN code repositories. Fisheye has other capabilities like to monitor notifications, direct the URLs to a line level etc.


Confluence is a project collaboration tool where teams can create, share and collaborate the projects within and across the organization. It helps to maintain the knowledge created related to the work items and can be accessed by those who are authorized, in one central location. One can create a team space in which teams can create project plans, requirements, notes, upload any content, multimedia etc. with state- of- the- art- search capabilities. Team can leave their feedback with comments on the pages which can be merged and tracked inline ensuring effective collaboration and coordination of the content. The desktop can be synchronized with Confluence mobile version which helps in tracking the team activities on the move. Confluence can be integrated with JIRA which helps in ensuring project transparency

Customized Training

Though we have a standard curriculum on Atlassian product training we also tailor the training according to our customer needs. We understand the experience, outcome and expectations by performing due diligence of the customer environment through a continuous interaction prior to the training. We tweak the training curriculum accordingly. No wonder our corporate training is considered to be the best in the industry pertaining to these trainings.

Why ExcelR?

ExcelR delivered a multitude of corporate trainings and we are considered as one of the leaders in Atlassian corporate training space. No one knows the training needs pertaining to Atlassian better than us. Faculty is our strength. We have a pool of trainers who are well experienced, certified, qualified and passionate for training and are considered to be the best in the industry. ExcelR delivered myriad trainings on Atlassian products across the globe.

Post-Training Support

At ExcelR we do hand-holding subsequent to the training. One can fix an appointment with the trainer to clarify their doubts for a period of time.

Modes Of Corporate Training

There are 2 modes of JIRA training is available with us

  • In-house corporate training
  • Virtual Instructor led online training

Course Curriculum

  • Jira Key Concepts
    • Change and Defect Tracking
    • Introduction to Jira
    • What is an Issue
    • Issue Attributes
    • What is a Project
    • What are Components and Versions
    • What is a Workflow
  • Overview on Jira Project and Issues
    • Create Project
    • Working on Issues
    • Attachments
    • Voting
    • Watching
    • Moving issues
    • Issue linking
    • Cloning
    • Creating a sub-task
  • Jira Search, JQL and Reporting
    • Basic Search
    • Advanced Search (JQL)
    • Configure Filters
    • Shared filters
    • Subscription
    • Export Search Results 
  • Reporting and Dashboard
    • Create Dashboard
    • Add Gadgets
    • Share dashboards
  • Time Tracking
    • Time tracking concept in Jira
    • Updating original estimate 
    • Log work and calculating time spent and remaining time
  • Overview on Agile Concepts
    • What is Agile and SCRUM
    • Epic, Stories, Tasks and Subtasks
    • Product and Sprint Backlog
    • Agile estimations: Story point estimate and hourly estimates
    • Agile reports: Burn down charts, velocity charts, etc
  • Getting started with Jira Agile
    • Introduction to Jira Agile Tool
    • Installing Jira Agile and walk through the tool
    • Creating Scrum board
    • Create Epic, Stories, Tasks and Subtasks in Agile board
    • Estimating Stories and tasks in Agile board
    • Configuring Agile board – Quick filters, Column mapping, Swimlanes
    • Create Sprint, Execute Sprint with Story point estimate and hourly estimate
    • View Reports – Burndown Chart, Sprint report, Velocity Report
    • Important Gadgets for Agile Reporting
  • Jira Best practices
    • Real life case studies
    • Tips on Best Practices with Using Confluence
  • Overview on Jira Add-Ons
    • Concept of Add-Ons
    • Atlassian Market Place
    • Using Add-Ons
    • Common and useful add-ons
  • Confluence Overview
    • What is Confluence
    • Installation & Setup
    • Features of Confluence
    • Real Life Use Cases
  • Working with Confluence Space
    • Creating a Space
    • Personal Space
    • Edit Space Details
    • Categorize Space
    • Archive Space
    • Delete Space
    • Space Permissions
  • Space Content Tools
    • Content Tools
      • Templates
      • Orphaned pages
      • Managing files
      • Undefined page links
      • Exporting content to Word, PDF, HTML, XML
      • Delete and restore pages
  • Pages and Blogs
    • Creating Pages
    • Blog Posts
    • Using Editor
    • Move and reorder pages
    • Copy, Delete, restore page
    • Displaying Files and Images
    • Uploading and Managing Files
    • Collaborating on files
    • Editing office files
    • Office connector prerequisites
  • Using Confluence Macros and its Use Cases
    • Task Report Macro
    • Roadmap Planner Macro
    • Activity Stream Macro
    • Attachments Macro
    • Blog posts macro
    • Change History Macro
    • Chart Macro
    • Cheese macro
    • Children Display Macro
    • Code Block Macro
  • Best Practices with Confluence
    • Real life case studies
    • Tips on Best Practices with Using Confluence
  • Integration with Jira
    • Configure Integration between Jira and Confluence
    • Confluence Macros of Jira Integration
    • Jira Issue Macro
    • Displaying Jira Search Results on Confluence Page
  • GIT Fundamentals
    • What is Version Control System (VCS)
    • Difference between Centralized VCS and Decentralized VCS
    • Introduction to GIT
    • Installing GIT
  • Getting Started with GIT
  • Command Line Tool
    • GIT Flow
    • Create Repository
    • Configuring GIT Repository
    • Stage and Commit changes to the repository
    • Interactive Staging
    • Git folder structure and GIT Objects
  • Git Ignore
  • Git Diff
  • Git Log
  • Git Alias
  • Git Checkout
  • Branching, Merging & Rebasing
    • Create branch
    • Merge Branch
    • Dealing with conflicts on merge
    • Recommended process on Branching and Merging
    • GIT Tags
  • Getting Started with Bitbucket
    • Install Bitbucket
    • Bitbucket Server Vs Bitbucket Cloud
    • Pushing local changes to Bitbucket Server
    • Working with Remote Repository
    • Cloning a remote Repository
    • Synchronize with Remote using Push, Pull, Fetch and Rebase
    • Pull Request & Code Review Process
    • Forking a repository
  •  Remote Branching and Merging
    • Working with remote branch
    • Synchronizing Remote branch with local branch
    • Pull requests
    • Forking
  • Integrating Bitbucket with Jira
    • Configure Integration with Jira & Bitbucket
    • Integrated Development Workflow with Jira & Bitbucket
    • Using Smart Commits in Bitbucket
  • GIT GUI Tools (Eclipse)
    • Overview of GIT client UI tools
    • Integration with Eclipse and basic functions
  • Introduction to Continuous Integration
    • What is CI?
    • How does CI help improve software quality
    • Build Automation Basics
    • Common types of builds
    • Expected outcomes when moving to CI
  • Getting Started with Jenkins
  • Introduction
  • Preparing Your Environment
  • Starting Up Jenkins
  • Configure Jenkins
    • Configuring the Tools
    • Configure System
    • Configure Credentials
  • Your First Jenkins Build Job
  • Your First Build Job in Action
  • Plugins and its uses
    • Introduction to Plugins
    • Adding Plugins to Jenkins
    • Managing Plugins
    • Upgrading Plugins
    • Plugins in Action and commonly used plugins
    • GIT Plugin and GITHUB Plugin
    • Some useful Plugins
  • Setting Up Your Build Jobs
    • Introduction to Jenkins Build Jobs
    • Creating a Freestyle Build Job
    • Introduction to Build Steps
    •  Pre and Post-Build Actions: Adding properties and properties files, Running  Your     New  Build Job, Working with Maven Build Jobs, Using Jenkins with Other Languages
  •  Pipeline
    • Overview of Pipeline
    • Create a job to run with Pipeline
    • Multi-branch Pipeline
  • Jenkins build types
    • Freestyle Software Projects
    • Maven Project
    • Monitor an External Job
    • Multi-configuration Jobs
    • Parameterized Builds, Distributed Builds
  • Automated Deployment and Continuous Delivery
    • Introduction
    • Implementing Automated and Continuous Deployment
    • Deploying an application to an application server and Deployment of Simple Java    web application using Tomcat
  • Integration with Jira & Bitbucket
    • Setup Integration with Jira & Bitbucket
    • End to End Integrated workflow using Jira, Bitbucket & Jenkins, for a Java Web Application

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