Course Description

The cutting-edge process mining solutions that Gartner named as the market leader and a world-class technology built to unlock your business's potential as most companies do not perform to their maximum potential.

All enterprises, large and small, run on multiple core processes and operations, and this rigid and fragmented system landscape traps the execution capacity and hampers the business performance essentially.

But Celonis, the market leader in process mining, is a game-changing tool to eliminate the system complexity with the Execution Management System (EMS). So when you use Celonis, it gears up execution capacity and lets your business perform at its fullest potential.

Five Core Pillars of Celonis:

Celonis Execution Management Platform powers all the business execution segments, including real-time data ingestion, simplified process & task mining system, robust planning & simulation, seamless visual & daily management, and untrapped by action flows.

Enrolling in Celonis corporate training, you learn about how real-time data ingestion gets the entire data into Celonis, where process and task mining shows you precisely what is happening in your business. Planning and simulation models help you future proof the internal strategies and understand the impacts of your decisions.

Visual and daily management deliver proactive insights with prioritized tasks and best recommendations with suggested automation and action flow to execute and automate actions across all systems.

The prime purpose of Celonis is to understand the business capacity, analyze and eliminate the gap, remove barriers to perform full potential, and provide breakthroughs to the business.

Our Faculty:

Our Celonis trainers/faculty are both certified, qualified and experienced. They each have a passion for training and delivering the best professional training possible.

We offer excellent corporate trainers that have diverse corporate training backgrounds as well as extensive Celeonis experience. Our faculty are working professionals with extensive Celonis experience, and you will find them very helpful.

ExcelR's Expertise in Celonis Training:

ExcelR works with some of the best Celonis professionals who handle their Celonis online training programs effortlessly. Whatever your requirements, we tailor this training program to fit your needs and provide you with what you need to achieve your objectives.

The ExcelR's Celonis training is among the best available online corporate training geared towards the corporate fraternity. You will learn the basics and full-fledged implementations, along with hands-on experience with assignments and real-world projects.


Getting your Celonis certification doesn't mean support ends there. Therefore, we guarantee that you get the most out of your investment through endless support.

The Celonis team is always available to help and support you. So, whenever you get stuck or have a question, you may contact them over the phone, by email, or on the Celonis live chats for constant guidance.

We offer ExcelR's Celonis training worldwide via virtual online classrooms and classrooms. You can contact us to arrange offline classroom training in any major city, including Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, etc.

Customized Celonis Corporate Training:

ExcelR Solutions offers tailored training programs and demonstrations for professionals of any level, including the very experienced.

ExcelR offers Celonis customized online corporate training explicitly tailored to the company's objectives and requirements. Our training matches the type of Celonis Execution Management System goals that your business requires the real potential using process mining techniques, along with hands-on practical exercises

Celonis's role and application are immense. Best known for the world's first execution management system powered by advanced process mining techniques to unlock the business's fullest potential. Through flexible and personalized approaches, ExcelR creates courses that make it easier for learners to master the main topics and develop accuracy and efficiency.

Course Curriculum

  • Process Mining Overview
  • Celonis Product Introduction and features
  • Deployment options and Architecture
  • Process Mining and KPIs snapshot using one process Procure to Pay
  • Roles and Training & Certification tracks
  • Data Engineering Basics
  • Analyst basics
  • Celonis process mining project life cycle
  • Value realization and continuous improvement cycle roadmap
  • Conclusion


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