Course Description

What is Kubernetes Training?

Kubernetes is one of the best technologies worldwide when running your services on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. It's an open-source system for automating, deploying, scaling and managing containerized applications. It was designed by Google originally and is maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Platform now.

It's a cutting-edge application for designing and deploying cloud-native platforms to elevate DevOps careers using Kubernetes clusters. Therefore, if you're a DevOps professional, learning Kubernetes will always keep you in demand, and your profile noticed, as DevOps engineers are always in high demand.

By enrolling in this Kubernetes training, you'll learn how to configure networking between pods, secure the clusters against unauthorized access, and build, design, secure, troubleshoot, and test Kubernetes clusters end-to-end, including configuring storage spaces for the same.

Therefore, having additional Kubernetes Administration skills will make you stand out as it has been the fastest growth in job searches by 173% from a year conducted by Indeed recently.

ExcelR offers the best-in-the-industry online Kubernetes training designed to simplify the complexity, so get you complete hands-on experience on Kubernetes clusters working with Kubernetes components. Therefore, when you enroll in this course, you'll learn and master everything about Kubernetes and its role in designing and deploying cloud platforms.

Our Faculty

ExcelR's Kubernetes trainers are highly experienced, qualified, and passionate about teaching real-life, industry-specific case studies. Therefore, by joining this Kubernetes corporate training, you always have the best advantage from using their expertise and thoroughly understanding the whole concept of Kubernetes clusters and dockers in the minimum time.

Our faculty members are practicing professionals with elite Kubernetes Clusters expertise of 17+ years. So whatever trends in Kubernetes, they always promise to bring the best to you so you'll experience the best transition along with the new skills for a promising career as a Kubernetes Administrator.

Why Should You Choose ExcelR for Kubernetes Training?

ExcelR has highly qualified Kubernetes professionals who conduct Kubernetes online learning seamlessly. In the first step, we analyze your training requirements and goals and develop a customized plan to propel you toward your corporate objectives. You become the best version of yourself with hands-on, real-time training and lifetime access to eLearning pre-recorded sessions.

Our Kubernetes training is one of the best of its kind and best suited for corporate sectors who seek a great career as DevOps Engineers. Training begins with the basics of Kubernetes and progresses to the advanced level.

The training includes hands-on experience working on assignments and capstone projects, so you get a complete picture of Kubernetes and know what to do when facing tough challenges.

Therefore, when we say, "We offer the best Kubernetes training at the best price based on the quality and the ongoing support we provide," we mean it more than anything.


ExcelR's Kubernetes training is available worldwide in the online format, and enrolling in this training is just the beginning of our endless support towards building a great future for yourself. Therefore, we make sure you get much more than the price you pay.

Our Kubernetes team is always available to help you over the phone, via email, or via live chat whenever you need assistance. So you're just a call or mail away to get your query solved.

Customized Kubernetes Training Based on Corporate Requirements

ExcelR always stands out as best for its customized training, demonstrations, and teaching material designed to suit the organization's specific needs and audience based on the individual or corporate requirements.

During our Kubernetes corporate training, you will learn how to identify the specific uses of Kubernetes in your organization and facilitate highly secure and storage configuration across the cloud platforms using Kubernetes clusters, dockers, and containers using Linux and other networking fundamentals.

Kubernetes skills have an excellent future for its humongous applications, and this course will teach you how to use container management platforms using cloud platforms to manage application infrastructures.

You'll enjoy ExcelR's hands-on practical exercises, which are unique to a module-based and customized training program based on industry and corporate requirements on Kubernetes. You'll also learn to install and configure Kubernetes clusters, using pods, clusters, and replica sets from network configuration to cloud deployment which will boost your confidence to start and use Kubernetes on your own.

Who Can Join Kubernetes Training?

  • System Administrators
  • DevOps Professionals
  • Application Developers
  • Anyone responsible for developing, deploying, or operating software.


Course Curriculum

  • Overview of Dockers and Containers
  • What is Container Orchestration?
  • Evolution of Kubernetes
  • Differences between Kubernetes and Docker Swarm
  • What is Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Use Cases
  • Understand Kubernetes Architecture
  • Introduction to Kubernetes Master
  • Components of Kubernetes Master
  • Introduction to Node Components
  • Overview of Minikube installation
  • Installing and Configuring Kubernetes Master and Nodes using kubeadm
  • Building a Highly Available Kubernetes Cluster
  • List all the nodes of the clusters
  • Working with the cluster using various kubectl commands
  • Overview of Deployments
  • Scale-out deployments using ReplicaSets
  • Rolling Updates with Deployments
  • Deployment Best Practices
  • Overview of Kubernetes Volumes
  • Volumes Types -empty dir, hostPath, LPV, NFS, Cloud Volume
  • Differences between different Volumes
  • What are Persistent Volumes
  • Working with Persistent Volume Claims
  • Persist Volume Access Modes
  • Persistent Volume Best Practices
  • Understanding CSI Plugins (If time Permits)
  • Overview of ConfigMaps
  • Working with ConfigMaps -Creating ConfigMaps
  • ConfigMaps as Volumes and Environment Variables
  • Overview and Working of Secrets
  • Secret as Environment Variables
  • Using Secret as volume
  • Working with DaemonSets
  • Working with StatefulSets
  • Working with Horizontal Pod Autoscaling
  • Overview of Kubernetes Networking
  • Overview of Kubernetes CNI providers – Flannel, Calico, and WeaveNet
  • Differences between each CNI provider
  • Need for Kubernetes Services
  • Types of Services- Cluster IP, NodePort and LoadBalancer
  • Configuring Services using YAML files
  • Ingress Rules & Load Balancers
  • Overview of Kubernetes Security
  • Cluster Authentication & Authorization
  • Users, Groups, and Service Accounts
  • Configuring Network Policies
  • Creating TLS Certificates
  • Secure Images
  • Cluster Security
  • Securing Service to Service Communication
  • Tools for Security Kubernetes ( Kube-bench, Aqua Security, Kops)
  • Overview of Logging and Monitoring
  • Understanding Prometheus and Grafana
  • Configure and setup Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring and Alerting
  • Overview of Helm Charts
  • Helm Charts
  • Helm Repository
  • Developing Helm Templates
  • Managing Helm Chart Dependencies
  • Helm Best Practices
  • Why DR for Kubernetes cluster
  • Overview of DR Strategy in Kubernetes
  • RTO & RPO
  • Backing up and Restoring Cluster
  • Syncing Cluster

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