Course Description

What Is Drupal Training All About?

Since its configurations are highly customized and produce good results, millions of people and organizations use the Content Management System known as Drupal to create and maintain their websites and web applications. As a result, there is an increasing demand for learning about this system. Drupal training includes a number of modules that cover the essential ideas behind Drupal, including its architecture, ecology, site configuration and maintenance, creation and customization of its themes, and more.

Additionally, the aspirants who are interested in learning this will examine numerous facets of Drupal's theme layer, CSS preprocessing, and the significance of website security and maintenance. In simple words, the course trains its aspirants on how to produce, edit, publish, and arrange many kinds of information, including articles, blog posts, videos, and photographs, on websites. With the completion of this course, one will have gained the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively use Drupal for website development and management.

Our Faculty

Our Drupal training faculty comprises highly experienced experts with in-depth knowledge of the platform. They have a deep understanding of Drupal's core concepts, such as content types, views, modules, and theming. Additionally, they stay updated with the latest developments in the Drupal community, ensuring that our trainees receive training based on the most current practices. With their in-depth knowledge and practical experience, our trainers are well-equipped to guide professionals in mastering Drupal and successfully implementing it in real-world scenarios.

Why Should You Choose ExcelR for Drupal Training?

ExcelR, a reputed organization, provides professionals with training courses that empower them to enhance their skills and flourish in their careers. What sets us apart in the edtech industry is our extensive selection of courses and practical expertise that directly applies to the workplace. Opting for our Drupal training course is a wise decision for several compelling reasons. Our program boasts a team of highly qualified and skilled instructors, a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on training involving real-world projects and assignments, flexible support from knowledgeable staff, and the option to customize your learning environment. Moreover, we offer post-training materials that are regularly updated and supplementary resources to ensure a thorough understanding of the core principles. If you're an aspiring Drupal developer seeking career advancement and success, ExcelR is the ideal platform for you.


We provide extensive support to our trainees through various channels, including chat and voice assistance. Additionally, our dedicated mentors offer personalized guidance and help with assignments, ensuring a productive and enriching learning experience. This option of post-training support is cherished by all our clients and their teams. Since practical application is where a learner gets stuck most of the time and we clear their doubts right then and there.

Customized Drupal Training Based on Corporate Requirements

At our training company, we understand the diverse needs of corporate clients. As part of our customization options, we offer the flexibility to add or delete topics from the curriculum, curate the Drupal training program according to specific requirements, and tailor it to suit the corporate context effectively. We strive to deliver training that aligns with your organization's objectives and goals. Enquire now for the batch size, timings, faculty profile, and so on for our Drupal Course Training!

Who Can Take This Drupal Training Course?

This comprehensive course caters to a diverse audience with a shared interest in websites and their practical applications. It welcomes professionals from a variety of industries, including art and culture, IT, consulting, banking and insurance, media, travel, and tourism. Moreover, it is equally beneficial for web developers, UI/UX designers, content managers, students, and even newcomers who are eager to delve into Drupal and enhance their skill set. Regardless of prior experience, this course offers an immersive learning experience, enabling participants to gain a deep understanding of Drupal and empower themselves with valuable expertise.



  • Familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • A basic understanding of CMS
  • Knowledge of PHP Fundamentals
  • Familiarity with databases

Course Curriculum

  • Installing Drupal
  • Installing Drupal Through An Online Service
  • Preparing A Local System
  • File System, Core Files, And Sites Directory
  • Acquia Dev desktop setup
  • Acquia Insight code setup and deployment workflow
  • Acquia BLT and how can use with Acquia cloud
  • How setup multisites in a single Vagrants machine
  • What is composer?
  • Role of composer in Drupal.
  • Installing Drupal with or without composer.
  • Installing Module with composer and its dependency.
  • Summary Of Installing Drupal
  • Basics Of Content Creation
  • Basic Site Configuration
  • Creating A Simple Site - Content
  • Creating A Simple Site - Blocks
  • Creating A Simple Site - Menus
  • Extending Drupal
  • Creating A Simple Site - Content Types
  • Views - Creating A Proper Upcoming Events Display
  • Text Formats And Visual Editors
  • Text Formats And Visual Editors
  • Media - Image Styles, Responsive Images, And Files
  • Understanding And Using Taxonomy - Adding A Recipe Database To Your Site
  • Views Exposed And Contextual Filters - Adding A Recipe Database To Your Site
  • Drupal Users
  • Introduction To Theming
  • Deploying And Managing A Drupal Site except Acquia server and using git
  • Moving Drupal From One Environment To Another server like Pantheon
  • Configuration Management
  • Security Considerations
  • Applying Security Updates
  • Change Drupal's Appearance with Themes
  • How can i debug mode in twig and create twig of different entities.
  • How can create node twig and views modes in theme
  • Breakpoint set for responsive layout and manage breakpoint yml files
  • CSS in Drupal integrations and CDN Configurations
  • JavaScript in Drupal integrations with 3rd Party libraries
  • Responsive Web Design and how to use mobile-first approach while creating Drupal site.
  • Render API means how to use preprocess methods and render it on twig as variables.
  • Security like xsattach, cross script browser or sending data from javascript into Drupal
  • Drupal Coding Standards just respect to creating subthemes and twig patterns,
  • Extend Drupal with Modules, custom modules with different integrations
  • Security in Modules while using code from other sources and making sure each value.
  • Drupal Coding Standards while creating module names, feature name and profile creations
  • Object-oriented PHP with classes, objects and how can using with other framework
  • While creating any custom module so how it will create default values in YML files
  • Symfony introductions and how it works with Drupal 8, 9 implementations
  • Twig of custom module and custom form forms.
  • Composer with all created modules and how we can use with dependency with other modules
  • Routes and controlling of pages, services and controller API
  • Controllers of plugins and block creations
  • Menus for using admin configurations
  • Blocks to render custom block on sites and existing modules alter
  • Forms API to use different type forms connect with database
  • Entities concept and use existing with extending features of entities
  • Drupal contributions and open-sourcing with patch fixes.
  • Custom Comments entities to capture comments related development
  • Custom Taxonomy and manage programmatically handle with different areas.
  • Fields widget, type and formatter creations.
  • Configuration API using cex, cim and profile based
  • Views manipulations and advanced level of mapping.
  • Database Abstraction Layer handling oracle or sql server.
  • Plugins extend and plugins manager to handle request
  • Services and dependency injections while creating custom resources.
  • Dependency Injection
  • Events and trigger methods on actions
  • Hooks api and create own hooks
  • Cache API for configuring custom caching, varning and boost server
  • Minor Version and Security Updates
  • Update Custom Code to Drupal 8
  • Upgrade to Drupal 8
  • Import Data with Migrate API
  • Manage Configuration and Workflows
  • Debug Drupal Code
  • Apply, Create, and Manage Patches
  • Backup Your Drupal Site
  • Write Tests cases
  • Deployment workflows
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Caching
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Backup Your Drupal Site
  • Minor Version and Security Updates
  • Update Custom Code to Drupal 8
  • Upgrade to Drupal 8
  • Deployment workflows
  • Manage Configuration and Workflows
  • Demonstrate ability to analyze and resolve security issues arising from site configuration
  • Demonstrate ability to analyze and resolve security issues arising from site custom code
  • Implement Drupal core security mechanisms
  • Demonstrate ability to analyze and resolve site performance issues arising from site configuration
  • Demonstrate ability to analyze and resolve site performance issues arising from custom code

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