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What Is Cyber Threat Hunting Corporate Training?

The process of proactively looking for security threats that are hidden unnoticed in the company’s network system is known as Cyber Threat Hunting. It involves a passive approach (threat detection) that constantly monitors network endpoints to identify anomalies, and an active approach (threat hunting) to look for cyber threats that were not identified earlier.

The Cyber Threat Hunting process is usually performed after the cyber threat detection phase, where automation solutions are deployed to catch easily identifiable threats. It doesn’t wait for an Indicator of Compromise (IOC ) alert to trigger; instead, it creates a hypothesis-based approach backed by threat data to hunt down any lurking threats.

This course aims to make you a Cyber Threat Hunting Expert, along with mastering the threat hunting process, methodologies, and techniques, as well as the best approach to be followed while hunting for network and host threats.

By enrolling in ExcelR, which provides industry-leading post-training support, you’ll be able to hone all the critical concepts of advanced threat hunting in the most effective way. This will put you in the driver’s seat by giving you an edge over your peers to stand out in the eyes of recruiters and managers as the most suitable candidate for any project related to Cyber Threat Hunting.

Our Faculty

ExcelR's Cyber Threat Hunting trainers are the best in the industry. They are highly knowledgeable, carry a decade-plus of experience, and are passionate about what they bring to the table and how they break down complex ideas into simple and easily digestible ones.

By enrolling in the training, you’ll always have the added advantage of making the most of the trainers’ vast experience in understanding the core concepts of Cyber Threat Hunting, along with real-time use cases to mitigate various challenges in your day-to-day job.

With ExcelR, you’ll have the most complete and most advanced training and necessary skill sets based on the industry’s latest curriculum, as our faculty are working professionals who keep updated about the industry’s latest happenings.

Why Should You Choose ExcelR for Cyber Threat Hunting Corporate Training?

Look no further if searching for the best Cyber Threat Hunting course globally. Enroll with ExcelR Solutions and learn from the best in the industry for a seamless transition, from beginner to advanced topics, that delivers exactly what is needed to stand out in this highly competitive world.

Our state-of-art curriculum is more than just theory. You’ll work on real-life projects and case studies to get an applied understanding, making you industry-ready for real-time scenarios to tackle any challenges in your job life.

Our syllabus is the most comprehensive one in the market that not only suits the corporate requirements but is also an excellent fit for individuals looking to advance their careers while keeping a close eye on the industry’s latest happenings.

The process we follow is quite simple — first, we understand your requirements and their business objectives, then we tailor the course keeping in mind the factors that will play a key role in meeting the company’s goals as well as the individual’s growth.


The Cyber Threat Hunting course from ExcelR is globally available in live virtual mode, and enrolling in this course is just the starting point. We provide comprehensive support to help you along in your journey ahead.

Our faculty and support team are always at your disposal whenever you feel stuck or are looking for assistance via phone calls, emails, and WhatsApp, ensuring you get a lot more value for the price you pay for the course.

Customized Cyber Threat Hunting Training Based on Corporate Requirements

The best thing about ExcelR is its customized training and state-of-the-art Cyber Threat Hunting curriculum, which is tailored to meet the company's particular demands based on individual and corporate requirements.

You’ll learn how to identify the particular uses of Cyber Threat Hunting in your organization, along with the various processes, methodologies, and techniques involved. As part of the learning, you will find out how to effectively dig deeper and find malicious threats that remain mostly unidentified.

Cyber Threats Hunting has a massive role in any domain involving the internet, regardless of the company and its size. By taking this course, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the introduction to cyber threat hunting and how you should prepare for threat hunting based on gathered data and offer real-time threat-hunting solutions using Indicators of Compromise (IOC) and Indicators of Attack (IOA).

ExcelR offers module-based and highly customized training that makes each topic exciting and caters to individual requirements while keeping your business goals in mind.

Who Can Join This Course

Professionals in the role of system admin, network admin, and security engineers can take Cyber Threat Hunting course, and can expect a lucrative salary at the end of it.


Course Curriculum

  • What is threat hunting? 
  • Assumption of breach 
  • The concept of active defense 
  • Role of threat hunting in the organizational security program 
  • Threat hunting benefits
  • Preparing for the hunt: the hunter, the data, the tools 
  • Creating a context-based hypothesis 
  • Starting the hunt (confirming the hypothesis) 
  • Responding to the attack 
  • Lessons learned
  •   The Crown Jewel Analysis (CJA)
  •   Cyber threat patterns and signatures
  •   Utilizing threat intelligence
  •    Threat hunting hypotheses: intelligence-driven, awareness-driven, analytics-driven
  • Searching 
  • Cluster analysis 
  • Grouping 
  • Stack counting
  • What data do you need, and how to get it? 
  • Host and network visibility 
  • Data gathering and analysis tools 
  • Commercial and open-source threat-hunting solutions
  • What threats can be hunted? 
  • Introduction to IOCs and artifacts 
  • IOCs and IOAs 
  • Cyber kill chain
  • Network hunting overview (networking concepts, devices, and communications, hunting tools) 
  • Hunting for suspicious DNS requests and geographic abnormalities 
  • Hunting for DDoS Activity 
  • Hunting for suspicious domains, URLs, and HTML responses 
  • Hunting for irregular traffic: misused protocols, port-application mismatches, web shells, and other threats 
  • Endpoint hunting overview (Windows and Linux processes, file systems, registry, hunting tools) 
  • Malware (types, common activities, AV evasion, detection, and analysis tools and methods) 
  • Hunting for irregularities in processes 
  • Hunting for registry and system file changes 
  • Hunting for filenames and hashes 
  • Hunting for abnormal account activity (brute-force attacks, privileged accounts) 
  • Hunting for swells in database read volume 
  • Hunting for unexpected patching of systems
  • Event logs and IDs 
  • Logging on Windows and Linux 
  • SIEM 
  • Using event data during hunts
  • OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) loop 
  • Going beyond IOCs: hunting for advanced threats 
  • Chokepoint monitoring Deceptive technologies 
  • Developing an effective threat-hunting program 
  • Building customized threat-hunting tools 
  • Threat hunting best practices and resources

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