Course Description

What Is Cyber Threat Intelligence Advance Course Training All About?

Intelligence was a role that existed long before the word “Cyber” came into the picture. So, understanding the terminology, tradecraft, and impact intelligence has over cyberspace is vital to comprehending and using cyber threat intelligence.

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence training gradually introduces learners to the most important concepts of intelligence, analysis tradecraft, and levels of threat intelligence, alongside illustrating the value they add to the organization. It also prepares your intelligence teams with planning, direction, and the generation of intelligence requirements.

Our Faculty

Our faculty are experts in cybersecurity, possessing the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and deliver effective training programs to employees. In addition to designing and delivering training programs, the trainers may also be assessing the effectiveness of the sessions through various methods, such as surveys, evaluations, and feedback.

Why Should You Choose ExcelR for Cyber Threat Intelligence Advance Course Training?

ExcelR’s Cyber Threat Intelligence training helps you develop analytical skills to synthesize complex scenarios, identify intelligence requirements by threat modeling, generate threat intelligence to detect, respond to, and defeat threats, collect adversary data, scrutinize and exploit them to prevent recurring threats, minimize the costs of bad intelligence, and so on.

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence Course (FOR578) will equip you, your security team, and your organization with the tactical, operational, and strategic skills and tradecraft required to interpret the evolving threat landscape and accurately and effectively counter the attacks.


ExcelR is committed to providing our customers with the best support there is. We offer a variety of support options, including those by phone, email, and chat. Our support staff is highly knowledgeable about our products and services. They are also friendly and helpful, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to help you.

Further, our support doesn’t stop with getting you enrolled; we provide the necessary handholding throughout as well as after training. We also make sure the learners get access to the articles and recorded videos so they don’t miss out on any session, and also use them as references for the future.

Customized Cyber Threat Intelligence Advance Course Training Based on Corporate Requirements

We curate our course content based on your requirements. That’s one of our training features that most of our corporate clients cherish. We understand your goals for the training program, the skills your team needs to gain, your learning style, your preferred mode of training, any hands-on activities or simulations needed, and more, we tailor the curriculum and schedule batches in a way that they don’t hinder the work timings of the employees. So, why delay? Contact us right away to build your team’s cyber threat intelligence skills!

Who Can Take This Cyber Threat Intelligence Advance Course Training Course?

  • Cybersecurity practitioners
  • Aspirants who wish to acquire skills that a wide range of cybersecurity professionals from red teamers to incident responders use


  • Security training or prior experience in the field
  • Familiarity with security terminology and using the command line in Linux


Course Curriculum

  • Case Study: MOONLIGHT MAZE
  • Understanding Intelligence
  • Case Study: Operation Aurora
  • Understanding Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Threat Intelligence Consumption
  • Positioning the Team to Generate Intelligence
  • Planning and Direction (Developing Requirements)
  • Primary Collection Source: Intrusion Analysis
  • Kill Chain Courses of Action
  • Kill Chain Deep Dive
  • Handling Multiple Kill Chains
  • Case Study: HEXANE
  • Collection Source: Malware
  • Collection Source: Domains
  • Case Study: GlassRAT
  • Collection Source: External Datasets
  • Collection Source: TLS Certificates
  • Case Study: Trickbots
  • Case Study: Human-Operated Ransomware
  • Exploitation: Storing and Structuring Data
  • Analysis: Logical Fallacies and Cognitive Biases
  • Analysis: Exploring Hypotheses
  • Analysis: Different Types of Analysis
  • ACH for Intrusions
  • Activity Groups and Diamond Model for Clusters
  • Logical Fallacies and Cognitive Biases
  • Dissemination: Tactical
  • Dissemination: Operational
  • Dissemination: Strategic
  • Case Study: APT10 and Cloud Hopper
  • A Specific Intelligence Requirement: Attribution
  • Case Study: Lazarus Group
  • This particular capstone focuses on analysis. Students will be placed on teams, given outputs of technical tools and cases, and work to piece together the relevant information from a single intrusion that enables them to unravel a broader campaign. Students will get practical experience satisfying intelligence requirements ranging from helping the incident response team to satisfying state-level attribution goals. This analytical process will put the students' minds to the test instead of placing a heavy emphasis on using technical tools. At the end of the day the teams will present their analyses on the multi-campaign threat they have uncovered. 

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