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What Is Soft Skills Training?

While hard skills, that every jobseeker is keen to possess, requires constant revamping with the advent of AI and other disruptive technologies, there are quite a few soft skills that we know are going to remain relevant and unchanged throughout our career, yet many of us hardly build on these.

The Global Talent Trends report by LinkedIn reveals that 92% of talent professionals say soft skills matter as much or more than hard skills. More importantly, 89% say bad hires typically lack soft skills. That clearly shows why we should inculcate the significance of soft skills or power skills in our workforce today.

Here is our extensive list of soft skills courses that cater to the learning needs of freshers and professionals who wish to succeed in their careers. We bring to the attention of corporates the top 10 of these soft skills training for your workforce.

Top 10 Soft Skills Courses You Should Have on Your L&D Program

Communication Skills

Whether a fresher, an intern, or an employee, communication matters for any official setup. We’ve got our exclusive course on communication skills designed to enrich this aspect in your resources and also ensure they communicate their thoughts more effectively and achieve their goals. Setting us apart from the courses for communication skills available online is the fact that we help fix both the verbal and non-verbal spheres, thereby strengthening the way you speak, listen, and write as you communicate with a wide range of audience.

Behavioral Skills

The behavioral skills of a person determine how streamlined his or her thoughts, actions, and emotions are. Take advantage of our behavioral skills training and fine tune how your employees interact with their people around and respond to situations. The behavioral training is tailor-made to bring out the subtle-yet-significant changes in the attitude and emotions of your team. It’s a skill that every corporate values to have in its team.

Personality Development

That which sets one apart from others is one’s personality traits. Every personality is unique and can be described as a distinct pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We help your employees reach their full potential with our personality development training. Set the persona of your team right with the best personality development course online!


A team is nothing without a head. As corporates, identifying leadership qualities in individuals is quite an easy task, but more often than not, you might come across potential leaders with the essential skills not adequately developed. Our leadership certification training instills into every individual how a leader acts, behaves, responds, and leads his team in tough times towards success. Give us a call right away to know more about our leadership development training.


It goes without saying that you need to have a knack when you are about to negotiate. Our negotiation skills training will be extremely useful for your team members who have to liaise with clients across the globe or get deals signed as part of their job. Building such a team is also essential. Why delay? Get your team members engaged with our negotiation course.


While addressing a meeting, talking to a group, or delivering a speech, it’s important that your audience understand what you are trying to convey. Get your team to take our presentation skills training and perfect the art of presentation from a seasoned professional who has conducted presentation courses for people in different rungs of the corporate ladder.

Time Management

Dividing time between your tasks and making effective utilization of the time spent on each is a crucial skill you develop with years of practice and experience. What if you can acquire it with a time management training program? Join our time management course and get the know-how of defining goals, prioritizing tasks, organizing a team, and much more.

Human Resources

Although there’s an upsurge in automation, the participation of human resources in every field cannot be denied. Eventually, Training and development in HRM, Human Resources Management, is necessary, and our human resources course goes the extra mile in giving you quality HR training that deals with the nitty-gritty of managing human resources, covering the underlying concepts and more. Be it a team or an organization, learn to manage it well with our training in HRM.

Sales Training

A career in sales is lucrative, fast growing, and skill oriented. Our sales training course provides an extensive coverage of gaining product expertise, communicating effectively with customers, developing business acumen, improving demonstration skills, and a lot more associated skills. It is a single sales certification that suits the skilling needs of beginners as well as professionals who wish to embark upon a sales career!

Career Training

Developing curated content and delivering quality training for the corporate sector over the years, our career classes have been the best of their kind. Transforming the careers of lakhs of learners, we know the strategies and skills necessary to get you job ready, and we’ve tailor-made our career courses accordingly. Attend our career coaching classes, and build your career the way you want it to be!

Other Soft Skills Trainings That We Offer


  • Intercultural sensitivity    
  • Innovation
  • Critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision making
  • Efficiency
  • Consultative Selling Process
  • Email Etiquette
  • Soft Skills MS Office Kaizen
  • Performance Leadership
  • Stress management
  • Decision Making workshop
  • Ownership and Accountability workshop
  • Work life balance workshop
  • Campus to Corporate workshop
  • IPR workshop
  • Team building workshop
  • Customer Excellence workshop
  • First Time Manager Workshop
  • Talk without fear workshop
  • Power Dressing
  • Grooming
  • Body Language
  • Business Etiquette
  • Cross cultural etiquette
  • Dining Etiquette
  • First Impression
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Diversity & Inclusion


Our Faculty

We have in-house faculty who carry years of experience delivering quality soft skills training for learners regardless of age and experience. With such an expert’s hands to train you, you are sure to ace the topic. Our training modules, a perfect blend of theory and practice, make sure that you not only gain knowledge of the skill but also know when, where, and how to apply it in various situations.

Why Choose ExcelR for Soft Skills Training?

Apart from our top-notch faculty, the support we offer is another forte of ours. When it comes to soft skills training, we let you select what skills you want to add to the repertoire, and hone it with our exhaustive training and practice materials. Periodic assignments backed by support and reviews by the trainer ensure you emerge confident with your soft skills by the end of the course. Another great feature is that one can access the course materials any time and learn at one’s own pace!


All our corporate clients value the post-training support we offer for assignments, and they consider this feature hugely beneficial for a professional to understand and apply the concepts and accomplish their goals at a much faster pace.

Apart from this, you can always reach out to our dedicated soft skills courses support team over the phone, through emails, or through live chats, whenever you need assistance in any regard. Providing our clients with high-quality support has always been our top priority.

Customized Soft Skills Training Based on Corporate Requirements

At ExcelR, we craft courses and customize batches to suit the training requirements of our corporate clients, and schedule sessions based on the size of the team, working hours, their expertise, individual learning goals, and so on. Our happy clientele, comprising 400+ companies, and their satisfactory responses have kept us going in the right direction.

Who Can Take Up This Soft Skills Course?

Anybody who wants to improve their personal attributes that enable them to interact effortlessly and harmoniously with other people in a workplace setup will benefit from our soft skills courses.


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