Course Description

What is ServiceNow GRC Corporate Training?

The ServiceNow GRC training deals with Governance, Risk, and Compliance to tackle business challenges in the IT industry and respond to them in real-time through risk management, policy and compliance management, audit management, and vendor risk management.

Following the old school methods of managing the risk and compliance with manual, siloed is no more effective than the global regulatory environment, which continues to evolve and enforces change across the organization. And the changes are: to adopt new business models, establish new relationships with the partners, deploy new technologies, and address the increasing and possible risks and cyber threats to the business.

Therefore, ServiceNow GRC provides a system for managing policies, laws, regulations, and best practices in one place. Once they are defined, it is easy to automate the repetitive processes across the functional groups.

This course aims at making you a ServiceNow GRC expert in the Risk Management, Vendor Risk Management, ServiceNow Policies & Compliance, Audit Management in ServiceNow, and Policy Acknowledgement Campaign. It makes the whole training exciting and fun-loving to master ServiceNow GRC with the best post-training support in the industry.

Our Faculty

ServiceNow trainers at ExcelR are the best in the industry, highly experienced, qualified, and passionate about teaching through real-life industry case studies. The quality training we offer will surpass your expectations since our faculty members are working professionals who keep themselves updated about the latest trends that hit the ServiceNow industry. So you can make the most out of them throughout the training.

Thus by enrolling in the training, you can always make the most by using their vast experience and clench the whole ServiceNow GRC concept in the shortest time. And this course will make you industry-ready and tackle any challenge on your way related to ServiceNow GRC.

Why Should You Choose ExcelR for ServiceNow GRC Training?

As a global leader, ExcelR has highly-experienced ServiceNow GRC trainers providing online training programs seamlessly from the basics to the advanced topics. So, you gain hands-on practical experience working on assignments and real-world projects based on industry standards.

Our ServiceNow GRC training is one of its kind in the industry and best suited for corporate sectors & individual growth as our process is exquisite. Firstly, we understand your needs for training and tailor them to drive you toward your corporate goals.

We mean it when we claim to offer ServiceNow GRC courses at the best price based on the quality and the seamless support we offer.


ExcelR's ServiceNow GRC course is now available worldwide, and enrolling in this course is just the beginning of our endless support for your extraordinary career.

Our dedicated ServiceNow GRC team is always there to help you out whenever you feel stuck; we will be happy to assist you over the phone, emails, or live chats.

Therefore, with us at ExcelR, we always make sure you get a lot more value for what you pay for.

Customized ServiceNow GRC Training Based on Corporate Requirements

ExcelR always stands out to be the best for its customized training, demonstrations, and ServiceNow GRC course material designed to suit the organization's specific needs and audience based on individual or corporate requirements.

With our ServiceNow GRC corporate training, you will learn how to identify the specific uses of ServiceNow GRC in your organization. It allows you to define a governance framework and test compliance controls based on real-time monitoring, assessing vendor risk, creating a risk register, and automating risk assessment.

The application and role of ServiceNow GRC are humongous and have an excellent future in terms of its products for companies of various sizes, including start-ups. So by learning this course, you will be able to identify the risk in real-time, boost performance, optimize the internal audit productivity, improve strategic planning & decision making, and automate the third-party risk.

You'll also enjoy ExcelR's hands-on practical exercises, which are unique to a module-based and customized training program.

Who Can Take This ServiceNow GRC Certification Course?

  • Anyone interested in ServiceNow GRC Certification
  • ServiceNow Developers
  • ServiceNow GRC Implementers
  • ServiceNow Consultants
  • ServiceNow Admins


  • Basic ServiceNow Knowledge
  • Knowledge of ServiceNow Instance (Free or Paid)


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to GRC
  • Activating Plugins
  • GRC Overview
  • Introduction to Entities and Entity Scoping
  • Policy and Compliance Overview
  • Policy and Compliance Terminology
  • Policy and Compliance Application Structure in ServiceNow
  • Tables, ACLs, and Application Menus
  • Authority Documents and Citations
  • Control Objectives
  • Policy Lifecycle
  • Controls and Issue Lifecycle
  • Control Testing
  • Policy Exceptions
  • Roles
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Risk Management Overview
  • Risk Management Terminology
  • Risk Management Application Structure in ServiceNow
  • Risk Management in ServiceNow
  • Risk Management Process Flow
  • Risk Scoring - Qualitative and Quantitative
  • Risk Assessments
  • Risk Response Tasks
  • Roles
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Audit Management Overview
  • Engagements
  • Test Templates and Test Plans
  • Roles
  • Notifications
  • Dashboards and Reports

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