Course Description

As architectures are moving towards microservices, the top-most demand for this course in the market is now. Building and developing RESTful microservices with Java and Spring Boot and a combination of Spring Web MVC is the prime objective and the first step toward designing great and super-easy microservices.

Whether you’re looking to build a fantastic REST API using Spring Boot or build Microservices using Spring Boot or Spring Cloud, build containers with dockers, or organize Microservices using Kubernetes? Microservices corporate training with ExcelR is the best course for learning the basics and becoming a pro in the market.

So, in this course, you'll learn the basics and designing of RESTful web services, along with multiple features — versioning, exception handling, documentation, basic authentication, filtering by using Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Security. Additionally, you'll also learn the basics of microservices and how to implement them in the spring cloud and configure Spring Cloud Config Server with Spring Cloud Sleuth and Zipkin, along with Dockers and Kubernetes.

Therefore, the prime focus of this course is to make you a pro in microservices where you'll be able to set up Centralized Microservices Configuration with Spring Cloud Config Server, implement Fault Tolerance, monitor RESTful Services with Spring Boot Actuator. Additionally, using Swagger to document RESTful web services and Spring Cloud Bus to exchange messages about configuration updates, the whole training is exciting and fun for creating the best microservices.

Our Faculty

Microservices trainers at ExcelR are top-notch, experienced, qualified, and passionate about teaching through real-life industry case studies. The quality training we offer you will surpass your expectations since our faculty members are working professionals who keep themselves updated and have top-class Microservices experience.

Enrolling in the course, you always gain an edge by using their vast experience to help you grasp the whole concept of Microservices in minimum time so that you're ready to tackle any issue related to Microservices on your way.

Why Should You Choose ExcelR for Microservices Training?

As a global leader, ExcelR has highly-experienced Microservices trainers providing Microservices's online training programs seamlessly from the basics to the advanced levels. At the same time, you gain hands-on practical experience working on assignments and real-world projects based on industry standards.

Our Microservices training is one of the best of its kind and best suited for corporate sectors and individual growth as our process is elegant. Firstly, we understand your training needs and objectives and tailor them to propel you toward your corporate goals.

Therefore, when we claim, "We are offering Microservices courses at the best price based on the quality and the unlimited support we provide," we really mean it.


ExcelR's Microservices course is available across the globe, and enrolling in our Microservices training is just the beginning of our endless support.

Every time you need us, our dedicated Microservices team is there to help you, whether it's by phone, email, or by live chat. If you ever feel stuck, we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Therefore, with us at ExcelR, we always make sure you get a lot more than you pay for.

Customized Microservices Training Based on Corporate Requirements:

ExcelR always stands out to be the best for its customized training, demonstrations, and Microservices course material designed to suit the organization's specific needs and audience based on the individual or corporate requirements.

With our Microservices corporate training, you will learn how to identify the specific uses of Microservices in your organization. It'll allow you to design RESTful microservices using Spring Boot or Spring Cloud, build containers using Docker, and merely organize Microservices using Kubernetes.

The application and role of Microservices are humongous. They have an excellent future in cloud computing for designing great and effective microservices using Spring Cloud and configuring Spring Cloud Config Server with Spring Cloud Sleuth and Zipkin. Lastly, you'll enjoy ExcelR's hands-on practical exercises, which are unique to a module-based and customized training program.

Who Can Join This Training?

  • Anyone looking to design and develop RESTful web services with Spring Boot
  • Anyone looking to design and develop Microservices with Spring Cloud
  • Anyone wants to learn to build containers for Microservices with Docker
  • Anyone wants to organize Microservices with Kubernetes


Course Curriculum

  • Quick Brush up on Spring Boot & RESTful web services 
  • Best practices of designing RESTful web services 
  • Evolution of Microservices 
  • Monolithic architecture 
    • Advantages 
    • Disadvantages 
  • Analyzing existing Monolithic application architecture 
    • Case study
  • Microservices Architecture 
  • Microservices Landscape 
    • Configurations 
    • Ecosystems 
    • Tools & Technologies 
    • Build Systems 
  • Design Patterns involved in Microservices 
    • Decomposition patterns 
    • Aggregator pattern
    • Chain of Responsibility 
    • Asynchronous Messaging Design Pattern 
    • Circuit Breaker pattern 
    • Service Discovery Pattern 
    • Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) 
    • Saga Pattern
  • Using Zuul for API gateway 
  • Configuration Management System 
  • Gradle Maven 
  • CI-CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) 
  • GitHub for CI 
  • Jenkins - Creating & configuring Jenkins job
  • Configuring webhook to trigger Jenkins job 
  • Validation of CI CD pipeline 
  • Versioning REST APIS 
  • Through URI Path 
  • Through Query parameters 
  • Through custom headers 
  • Through content negotiation 
  • Working with the Ecosystems Retrofit tool
  • Debugging Microservices 
  • Microservices Scalability 
  • Designing microservices for SAAS 
  • Service Mesh 
  • Ingress 
  • DevOps concepts: Tools involved in DevOps 
    • Just touching the basics: 
    • Maven, Git, CICD, Jenkins, Testing tools (JUnit, Mockito)
    • Ansible, Containerization, Docker, Kubernetes 
    • Terraform
  • Overview of ELK (ElasticSearch, LogStash, Kibana), Beats 
  • Overview of cloud computing and serverless architecture 
  • Overview of AWS

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