How Sisense Certification Helps Businesses Stay on Top
How Sisense Certification Helps Businesses Stay on Top

How Sisense Certification Helps Businesses Stay on Top


These days businesses rely hugely on intelligence derived from terabytes of data. It is a way to keep ahead of the competition and anticipate trends in marketplaces. Handling large chunks of data or deriving meaningful intelligence from such diverse sources of data is by no means an easy task. Business managers are less concerned about how data is handled in the background and are more interested in using tools that handle all such data through an easy to use dashboard and allow in-depth analytics. Sisense, a recently introduce BI tool, is precisely what managers and businesses need to drive business founded on intelligence.


Unlike Hadoop and other big data handling tools, Sisense is perfectly at home on single computer units and handles large data sets through a columnar approach and optimum use of system memory and CPU. In short, it does require expensive hardware to run Sisense. Through training that leads to Sisense Certification, business executives can take data snapshots through elastic tube and the dashboard gives managers the flexibility to create charts and metric views. Data can be exported to Excel, images and PDF and it has a scriptless user interface. What is of importance for business managers is that they can ask questions and Sisense delivers answers. Sisense is powerful, easy to use and carries out data analysis in real time, which is what businesses need. It does have a few cons but the pros far outweigh them leading to Sisense winning the Best Business Intelligence Software Award for 2016.


Why Excelr

Like any other sophisticated business intelligence tool, Sisense is complex and does need systematic training for a user to become fully proficient. Excelr has a customized approach with modular courses that are designed to suit enterprise goals and to empower employees to handle their specific tasks with exceptional efficiency. Certification means the person who has undergone training is fully conversant with this top notch business tool and certification after training through Excelr means the candidate can pass any test and become proficient in Sisense.

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Big data is what powers businesses these days and analysing terabytes of streaming data in real time is resource intensive as well as time-consuming and expensive. Sisense certification and use of Sisense does away with the expense and hassles and puts at the disposal of enterprises a cutting edge tool to take their business to the next level. They can analyze trends in real time and pass on derived intelligence to appropriate sections such as production, inventory and sourcing to cut back on purchases or buy new materials and ramp up production or design or modify existing products according to market indicators based on analysed data.

Modes of Training

Excelr Sisense training and certification programs are conducted by trained professionals with years of industry experience and give candidates precisely what is needed to make them experts in the shortest time. This and the backup support after training sessions, whether in-house or online, make Excelr the preferred Sisense training option and gives businesses that valuable trained manpower the can use to get ahead.

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