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What is Sisense

Sisense stands apart from the pack of usual business analytics and intelligence tools. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to handle all types of data from diverse sources and also small as well as big data. It is scalable and it uses in-chip technology for parallel processing for faster data crunching, thus getting results faster while reducing need for additional hardware. It also integrates with Salesforce and Zendesk letting users transfer data with drag and drop functionality. It is available as on-premise solution and as a cloud offering. Sisense allows ad hoc analysis, predictive analysis, trend indicators, ad hoc reporting, online analytical processing and profit analysis, all of which functions can be carried out from a customizable dashboard. It is the best tool for small and large corporate entities to derive intellige in real time.

Customized corporate training

Businesses and their goals are inherently different and as such only custom Sisense training makes sense if users are to derive precisely the type of intelligence that is of use to them. This is the reason why we recommend Excelr custom Sisense training. Participants can be sponsored by companies or learn on their own to gain an in-depth knowledge on the subject, the training is tailored according to their needs. Corporate sisense training is tweaked to meet goals of a company and to teach participants exactly what will be of use in real life situations. Custom sisense corporate training gives full value for money and participants get more when they learn through Excelr.

Why choose Excelr?

Excelr’s Sisense training team comprises of business and IT experts with sisense certification and years of hands-on industry experience. As such they are fully familiar with this versatile BI tool and they also have the knack of transferring knowledge in a simple way. Our rates are affordable and we give more value with personalized coaching and meticulous attention to detail. Importantly, all participants joining our corporate sisense training have our full backing and support.

Post Training Support

Support is an important component of Excelr service package. We know full well that theory and even practicals in sisense training will not equip participants to handle real life challenges that may be different. This is why our training also includes post training support available by phone, email or chat. Whenever our participants work on Sisense and come across issues they are always welcome to get in touch with us and we always provide useful guidance.

Excelr Sisense training is available globally online and through select centers in India at Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore.



One of the best trainings I’ve ever attended.

Kailash Panda, Country Manager & Associate Director, Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd



The training was structured well,which explains all concepts very holistically followed by the quizzes,that helped me to internalize the knowledge very well

Prahlad Patidar, Project Manager, Tata Consultancy Services



The sessions were well planned,methodical and focused on the objectives.The trainer has set relevant examples from real life situation to clear the concepts. The coverage was good. Excellent interaction was maintained throughout the training. The doubts were made clear in a very simple form to understand as and when required. I enjoyed the sessions with knowledge up-gradations.

Anil Kumar Nigam, Manager State Projects, National Institute for Smart Government


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