SAP Leonardo-A New Digital Innovation from SAP
SAP Leonardo-A New Digital Innovation from SAP

SAP Leonardo-A New Digital Innovation from SAP


Sap Leonardo is a digital innovation from SAP that enables customers to make use of future technologies like IoT, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Analytics and Big Data to deliver software and microservices.

The name SAP Leonardo was inspired by the famous painter, sculptor, architect and Philosopher Leonardo da Vinci who was a multi-faceted person. The main objective of SAP Leonardo is to support public and business organizations in all aspects of their digital innovation strategies.

Why SAP Leonardo?

As Machine learning, the blockchain, and IoT tools aren’t usually part of the enterprise software stack and to bring these technologies into their business, the companies are struggling in this age of innovation and SAP Leonardo fills that gap

To record & supercharge the tools of digital transformation coupled with a design thinking process needed for business modernization & agility for the digital innovation system led to the creation of SAP Leonardo

SAP Leonardo Technlogies

Following are the key technologies that are integrated into SAP cloud platform which are built on top of SAP HANA.

  • Design thinking services – which enables users to develop future digital enterprise

  • Machine learning – provides the computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed by the users

  • Big Data – Manage vast amounts of data

  • IOT (Internet of Things) – Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects

  • Blockchain – Increase results in financial reporting and decrease fraud

  • Data Intelligence & Data Analytics

The world is transforming digitally day to day. And to make it run completely digital and powerfully without any hassles, SAP Leonardo play an integral part by combining all these technologies to make any Enterprise of any industry.

Advantages of SAP Leonardo:

  • Instead of forcing companies to find, integrate, and manage their own tools, it provides a common process, methodology, and innovation platform to implement new ideas quickly to help companies focus on the problem at hand is a major advantage.

  • Another important advantage of SAP Cloud platform gives SAP Leonardo is scalability. As the underlying technology is open, proven, robust, and scalable to meet every enterprise need, companies can use SAP Leonardo with confidence.

Why is it important

If we see the digital innovation in a broader context, it is clear that the emerging technologies like IoT, Analytics, AI, Big Data, Blockchain and Machine learning need to be viewed in combination. This is the key to create a framework for connecting the latest digital innovations. The SAP Leonardo portfolio includes data intelligence tools, benchmarking, design thinking methodologies and much more. SAP Accelerator packages are tailored to speed up the time to value for customers.

When it comes to digital innovation, companies have to create a new data-driven service fast so as to improve their experiences and make the processes more efficient. Yet they are not sure about starting their digital journey and which SAP tools & what solutions suits them in their business. That is where the SAP Leonardo accelerator packages come in. To support the objectives of business customers, consultants from SAP digital business services teams up with customers in the design thinking process to support their objectives of the business. The time scale for these prototypes is less than eight weeks, that depends on how extensive the customer’s innovation strategy is.

The most fundamental problem with innovation is getting distracted by details. SAP Leonardo help enterprises innovate with agility and velocity by providing pre-integrated methodologies, tools, and services.

The time for Innovation

To begin the transformation, start with thinking methodology from SAP Leonardo to hold new models and processes. You don’t need to wait for the enterprise and budget for a perfect future of innovation with SAP Leonardo and SAP cloud platform.

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