What is Workday?
What is Workday?

What is Workday?


Workday, Inc. is a software vendor that supplies financial management and human capital management software services housed in remote, off-site computer servers. The company’s cloud-based software packages provide management teams the ability to “oversee employee data, time tracking, procurement, expense management, and financial accounting functions.” Many universities and institutes of higher learning have adopted Workday because of its “ease of use, the flexibility the system provides, low cost of ownership, and focus on providing functionality specific to higher education.” David Duffield and Aneel Bhusri founded Workday in 2005.

 Customized Training

  • ExcelR can create comprehensive instructor-led, in-classroom training modules for Workday students, learners, and administrators. The training modules are designed to prepare students to function effectively in their work environments. ExcelR classes combine instructor lectures, social learning, live product demos, and hands-on training activities.

  • We include training sub-modules in the form of access to specific courses as a supplement to instructor-led offerings. These include short, topic-specific demo videos and professional service aids.

  • The ExcelR virtual classroom offers learners the benefits of live instructors minus the expenses and time commitments associated with student and learner travel. Students can connect to the virtual classroom to participate remotely in comprehensive hands-on activities. They can extend this module to include interactions with instructors and other students.

  • ExcelR training boosts the learning experience using videos, interactive exercises, and short quiz sessions. Learners can complete the curriculum at their own pace and apply the learning at their workplace.

  • ExcelR training modules also incorporate self-service features and just-in-time support materials designed from a unique training perspective for the benefit of learners, employees, managers, and recruiters.

Why ExcelR?

  • Our online training sessions help remote students to gain the benefits of comprehensive Workday training.

  • ExcelR empowers learners to undergo an aggregate of 50 hours of hands-on assignments.

  • Project-based scenarios help students and learners to gain insights into real world applications of Workday.

  • ExcelR instructors and trainers have a collective experience of more than 10 years in the various functions of Workday.

  • Our training modules enable session recordings with a view to boost the learning experience.

  • ExcelR offers students and learners the benefit of lifetime access to Workday course materials.

Post-Training Support

  • ExcelR offers end-to-end support like lifetime E-learning access, assistance through WhatsApp messaging groups for clarification of doubts, access to free demo sessions, and trainer assistance, etc.

  • Students and learners can gain feedback to live Workday projects and assess their progress through interactive discussions with ExcelR trainers.


  • What are the different types of training available?

    Classroom, Instructor led virtual online and E-learning modules are available.

  • Can Workday training be customized per user requirements?

    Yes, we customize the Workday training modules based on specific client requirements. Kindly contact us at enquiry@excelr.com.

  • What is the duration of training modules?

    The standard training is delivered in three days. For customized training regimens, the training duration may vary depending on client requirements.

  • Are there any prerequisites?

    No pre-requisites are required to undertake training on Workday. Nevertheless, prior exposure to computer programming helps faster uptake of Workday training and instruction modules.

  • Will ExcelR provide certification on Workday?

    Our training enables candidates to pursue Workday certifications independently.

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