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Solr (pronounced “solar”) is an “open source search platform built upon a Java library called Lucene. Solr is a popular search platform for websites because it can index and search multiple sites and return recommendations for related content based on the search query’s taxonomy.” Solr product features include “full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, real-time indexing, dynamic clustering, database integration, NoSQL features, and rich documents (e.g. MS Word, PDF) handling.” Yonik Seeley at CNET Networks created Solr in 2004. He developed Solr as an in-house project to add search capability to the company website.

Customized Training

  • Experts have designed ExcelR’s course materials for Solr Training. Our knowledge philosophy is that the best way to learn Solr is with hands-on training using a laboratory-based environment. Learners and students at ExcelR’s workshop training sessions can commence building with Solr early in these sessions.

  • Our training sessions are designed to help attendees build and administer Solr clusters. We cover basic Solr architecture, possible variations in Solr configurations, the multiple mechanics of SolrCloud, and Zookeeper. Training modules at ExcelR also cover JVM and memory management, security, and scaling search systems.

  • ExcelR instructors help learners and students to explore the capabilities of Solr by learning how to develop effective search applications. Search, data ingestion, and query mechanisms are some of the pivots of ExcelR learning. Training also explores Solr schema, advanced search relevance, and advanced techniques like graph queries and signals.

  • ExcelR’s Solr Training modules enable learners to acquire key skills such as configuring Solr, conducting field types and analysis, linguistic processing, and parsing rich document formats, etc. The training sessions are designed for professionals that are involved in installing, operating, scaling, and securing Solr clusters.

  • ExcelR can deliver customized training modules at onsite locations. Kindly contact us at

Why ExcelR?

  • ExcelR training modules take students and learners through key aspects that help Solr architects build a successful enterprise search system. Our training modules are designed to allow students and learners to acquire and expand Solr skills at a rapid pace.

  • Our instructors and trainers provide access to high quality pre-recorded Solr Training videos, access to learning management systems, and self-paced Solr Training materials.

  • Certified trainers at ExcelR provide an interactive learning experience, access to dedicated cloud-based laboratories, 24×7 teaching assistance and support, fast track courses, and weekend training batches.

  • E-learning and instructor-led live online training options help learners and students to gain a comprehensive Solr Training experience.

Post-Training Support

  • ExcelR offers a unique blend of hands-on training and productive skills enhancements for all participants.

  • Every training session is recorded and provided to participants for future reference. High-quality training materials help students to explore Solr Training confidently.

  • Our team of expert trainers construct the training syllabus to match real world requirements for beginners and advanced learners.

  • Participants that have queries can connect with ExcelR on a 24×7 basis. We will respond with email support and other modes of query resolution.

  • Further, ExcelR can arrange one-on-one sessions with ExcelR trainers on request.


  • Training sessions at ExcelR are ideal for system administrators with limited Solr experience. It helps if participants have at least a year’s experience administering a Windows or UNIX operating system. Any competence in Solr Development or equivalent experience helps participants to perform better in these training sessions.

  • Developers with limited prior experience in Solr can benefit from ExcelR training.

  • Learners that have a basic grounding in computer languages such as Java, Python, or PHP can perform well at ExcelR training sessions.

  • ExcelR can deliver customized training modules at onsite locations. Kindly contact us at

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