What is IBM AIX ?
What is IBM AIX ?

What is IBM AIX ?


AIX (Advanced Interactive eXecutive) is “an open operating system from IBM that is based on a version of UNIX. AIX/ESA was designed for IBM’s System/390 or large server hardware platform. AIX/6000 is an operating system that runs on IBM’s workstation platform, the RISC System/6000.” Initially, the AIX family of operating systems went live in 1986 and went on to become the standard operating system for the RS/6000 series on its launch in 1990. IBM continues to develop AIX which is “currently supported on IBM Power Systems alongside IBM i and Linux.” The AIX operating system “is designed to deliver outstanding scalability, reliability, and manageability.”

Customized Training

  • ExcelR provides custom training packages that enable learners to perform everyday tasks using the AIX operating system. Training modules include instructor lectures and hands-on lab time in an instructor-led course environment. ExcelR also provides face-to-face classroom and virtual classroom environments for training.

  • The primary training course is designed for any individual that wishes to acquire basic AIX/UNIX user skills for an AIX work environment. The primary training is a stepping-stone to future instruction in AIX systems and administration curriculum.

  • ExcelR-designed training and instruction includes introduction to AIX, using the AIX system, documentation, files and directories, file permissions, shell basics, shell variables, controlling processes, customizing the user environment, AIZ utilities, AIX graphical user interface, and AIX implementation and administration.

  • Students and learners can enroll in ExcelR-operated instructor-led classrooms at multiple locations. They can also opt for instructor-led online training courses for self-paced online study.

  • ExcelR training modules include study of the architecture underlying UNIX, creating, removing, copying, moving files & directories, using files and directories, wildcard characters, input/output-re-directions, file/directory permissions, Vi-Editor, usage of filter commands, etc.

  • ExcelR training sessions also include live online streaming (WebEx or GoToMeeting) designed with the intent to promote one-on-one trainer and student interactions.

Why ExcelR?

  • Training modules at ExcelR provide online practice sessions, in-class seminars, and domain knowledge training and certification from qualified and experienced trainers.

  • Our corporate training packages provide learners with hands-on real-time project experience. These are conducted by certified industry experts and working professionals. Training packages are customized to cater to beginners and working professionals.

  • ExcelR provides relevant class materials, tutorial curricula, demo videos, sample questions, recommended books, and access to electronic publications.

  • Learners and students gain tangible benefits by working on live AIX projects. Our trainers provide AIX environment/server access to students with a view to provide practical real-time experience and in-depth understanding of training materials.

Post-Training Support

  • ExcelR ensures that every training session is recorded in high definition video; these are provided to learners for future reference. Top-notch study materials help students to explore AIX platforms from multiple dimensions.

  • Learners that have queries can contact dedicated support staff at ExcelR. We also provide email support and other solutions to queries. One-on-one sessions with ExcelR trainers can also be arranged.

  • The unique blend of hands-on training at ExcelR enables students gain productive skills to boost their performance in the workplace.

  • ExcelR also offers end-to-end support like lifetime e-learning access, assistance through WhatsApp messaging groups for clarification of doubts, access to free demo sessions, trainer assistance, etc.


  • Learners and students should be familiar with the basic concepts of information technology and the potential inherent in a modern operating system.

  • ExcelR can create group discounts for more than five participants in a training session.

  • ExcelR creates multiple training and assessment projects that thoroughly test learners’ skills and knowledge. The intent is to make the learners ready for industry.

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