Course Description

What is Clean Code Training?

Getting to the top of the coding means writing clean and human-understandable code, which is never easy at all. However, being a developer, you should be able to write codes that work — that is what we call 'working code,' which is only understandable by machines and not the same as "clean code" that is readable, understandable, and maintainable step-by-step.

The only secret to writing code cleanly and effectively is being glued to the following:

  1. Aim to write code cleanly and effectively on the first attempt.
  2. Practice changing the structure of the code without changing its external behavior (refactoring).

Generally, coders say, "Beautifully written code is everything." But how do you ensure that code is beautiful when it is bad, and humans cannot understand it? It's not the only computer that needs to understand your code — but your fellow programmers and your future self need to understand it as well.

So, in this course, you'll learn all the key principles, rules, and core concepts that will take your Clean Code to the next level, boost maintainability and keep the code alive, and transform lousy code into 'really' good code using Clean Code techniques.

Therefore the prime focus of the course is to give you a quick and thorough understanding of how to refactor code without breaking them, meaning you'll be coding like a pro in no time.

We strongly believe coding should be fun and accessible to everyone; that's why Clean Code exists. And Clean Code is a reader-focused code development style that's easy to write, read and maintain.

Our Faculty

ExcelR's Clean Code trainers are top-notch, experienced, qualified, and passionate about teaching through real-life industry case studies. Enrolling in the course, you always gain an edge by using their vast experience to help you clasp the whole concept in one go and in no time.

The quality training we offer you will exceed your expectations since our faculty members are working professionals with top-class Clean Code programming experience.

Why Should You Choose ExcelR for Clean Code Training?

ExcelR is a global leader and have highly-experienced Clean Code professionals handling Clean Code's online training programs seamlessly. We understand your training needs and objectives and tailor them to propel you toward your corporate goals.

Our Clean Code training is one of the best of its kind and best suited for corporate sectors. The training starts with the basics and then moves to the advanced level while you gain hands-on practical experience working on assignments and real-world projects based on industry standards.

When we say, "We offer the best price based on the quality and the ongoing support we provide," we always mean it.


ExcelR's Clean Code training is available globally, and our Clean Code programming course is just the beginning of our endless support, and we make sure you get much more than you pay for.

Our dedicated team of Clean Code programming is always there to back you and answer any questions you may have over the phone, email, or through our live chat services whenever you feel stuck; we'll be more than happy to help you out.

Customized Clean Code Training Based on Corporate Requirements:

ExcelR Solutions always stands out as best for its customized training, demonstrations, and teaching material designed to suit the organization's specific needs and audience based on the individual or corporate requirements.

During our Clean Code corporate training, you will learn how to identify the specific uses of Clean Code in your organization that facilitate human-understandable coding in line with the objectives and goals of your organization.

The application and role of the Clean Code are humongous and have an excellent future for writing clean and effective codes that not only computers but also humans love. You'll enjoy ExcelR's hands-on practical exercises, which are unique to a module-based and customized training program.

Who Can Take This Clean Code Programming Course?

  • Developers who want to ensure that their code does not just work but is also easy to read, understand and maintain
  • Anyone serious about development and writing real-life clean code that humans understand.


Course Curriculum

  • Hands-on Exercise
  • Use case development in groups to assess the “as-is” state.
  • Demo of use case – What worked? Discuss the challenges faced.
  • Opportunities for clean code in the use case developed
  • Meaningful Names
  • Functions
    • Stepdown rule
    • Arguments
    • DRY
  • Comments
    • Good vs bad comments
  • Error Handling
    • Exceptions
    • Try-Catch-Finally
    • Unchecked exceptions
  • Classes
    • SRP
    • Encapsulation
    • Cohesion/Coupling
  • Testing – Basics
    • UT/IT/ST
    • Test Pyramid
  • Emergent Design, clean architecture
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD/BDD)
  • Use story definition and Acceptance criteria
  • BDD
    • How to think of customer scenarios and formulate test cases?
  • Evolve software design to deliver “customer value” in short cycles
  • Test-Code-Refactor Cycle
  • Hands-on Exercise - Use case development (same exercise as in session -1) in groups using BDD/TDD (Mob programming)
  • Compare and contrast “traditional” approach” with “BDD approach”
  • Mindset of Speed = Quality
  • Evolution of Test pyramid (“Shift-left” quality)
  • Test Doubles - What to mock?
  • Refactoring
    • When and how (smells to look for)
    • Techniques (SOLID principles, patterns)
  • Continuous everything (Integration, Testing, Deployment)
  • Key Code quality KPIs to look for
  • Hands-on Exercise – Real-time use case from project
  • Test design
  • Apply BDD and TDD to real-time use case

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