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What is Cucumber?

Cucumber is also known as Cucumber Ruby is a tool for software testing. Cucumber which is a software written in Ruby programming language, uses behavior driven development style for the acceptance tests

Cucumber was originally conceived exclusively for Ruby testing. However now Cucumber supports myriad programming languages

One of the advantages of using Cucumber by Ruby is that the codes are almost like plain English making it very easy for users

Automated tests in cucumber can be reused at other places making it fast testing tool

ExcelR's Expertise

As a leader in training provider of Ruby Cucumber, ExcelR solutions has in its rolls a team of professionals who are doyens in their field. Not only do we provide end to end trainings but also advanced training on Ruby Cucumber of the same.

As part of ExcelR solutions, hands on approach we provide equal lab work time to train directly on the topics being learnt. Participants to all our training programs are encouraged to interrupt the trainers for clarification of doubts, unlike other trainers who prefer to take the questions at the end. Training programs from ExcelR are known for the high throughput.

ExcelR solutions, conducts online trainings to cater to various time zones, and also has contact programs across specific locations like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi


One of the USPs of ExcelR Solutions is that the training is imparted through the multi modal approach. Long after the “lectures” have ceased, the ‘connect’ with the participants’ remains whereby constant support and clarification of doubts is done by the team of trainers. We at ExcelR enable the participants in the end to end execution of the first activity that are assigned through the recently learnt tool.

Customized Training

While a software tester is an integral part of any software development project; the tools that one uses for the same are liable for obsolescence and therefore it becomes imperative for constant upskilling. Ruby Cucumber is a robust and easy to use software testing tool that uses Gherkin for defining test cases and helps in automation and documentation.

Released in 2014 Cucumber is has captured a wide market amongst the testers.

ExcelR solutions, a leading training service provider on Ruby Cucumber training, have provided many end to end Ruby Corporate trainings for our participants and corporate. Based on client feedback we are now providing customized training on Ruby Cucumber where in certain aspects of the tool are trained in greater detail in comparison to other tools. For instance the automation and reusability functionality is something that many participants would want to know in great detail.

Taking cognizance of such feedbacks and preliminary discussions with our clients we at ExcelR solutions have developed a variety of training agendas to suit the specific requirements of our clients. All trainers employed by ExcelR solutions are industry experts with over myriad years of experience in the said field, and can train beginners as well as users who need advanced training on Cucumber.

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Why ExcelR?



  • Written in Ruby language, Cucumber is a BDD tool. BDD is nothing but Behaviour Driven Development Technology mainly used to test various other softwares.
  • Selenium is a web application testing framework tool written in Java whereas Cucumber written in Ruby is a testing tool based on Behavior Driven Development (BDD) framework. Also, the plugins in Cucumber are way faster compared to Ruby.
  • Yes, Ruby Cucumber is an open source tool.
  • Instructor-led online training is an interactive mode of training where participants and trainer will log in at the same time and live sessions will be done virtually. The sessions will be interactive where the screen of the trainer will be shared and discussions can be done.
  • ExcelR offers a blended model of learning. In this model participants, can attend classroom, instructor-led live online and e-learning (recorded sessions) with a single enrolment. A combination of these 3 will produce a synergistic impact on the learning. One can attend multiple Instructor-led live online sessions for one year from different trainers at no additional cost.
  • It is a live instructor-led interactive session which is done at a specific time where participants and trainer will log in at the same time. The same session will be also recorded and access will be provided to revise, recap or watch any missed session.
  • No worries even if you miss a live Ruby Cucumber session for some reason. Each and every session will be recorded and access will be given to all the videos on ExcelR’s state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS). You can watch the recorded Ruby Cucumber sessions at your own pace and convenience.
  • Yes, after successfully completing the course you will be awarded a course completion certificate from ExcelR.
  • You can reach out to us by visiting our website and interact with our live chat support team. Our customer service representatives will assist you with all your queries. You can also send us an email at [email protected] with your query and our Subject Matter Experts / Sales Team will clarify your queries or call us on 1800-212-2120 (Toll-Free number – India), 608-218-3798 (USA), 800 800 9706 (India), 203-514-6638 (United Kingdom), 128-520-3240 (Australia).
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Global Presence

ExcelR is a training and consulting firm with its global headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA. Alongside to catering to the tailored needs of students, professionals, corporates and educational institutions across multiple locations, ExcelR opened its offices in multiple strategic locations such as Australia, Malaysia for the ASEAN market, Canada, UK, Romania taking into account the Eastern Europe and South Africa. In addition to these offices, ExcelR believes in building and nurturing future entrepreneurs through its Franchise verticals and hence has awarded in excess of 30 franchises across the globe. This ensures that our quality education and related services reach out to all corners of the world. Furthermore, this resonates with our global strategy of catering to the needs of bridging the gap between the industry and academia globally.

ExcelR's Global Presence


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