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About The Course

What is (PMI-RMP)® ?

PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)® credential is very covet as a domain which will shape your career. With a lot of uncertainty in the market, with world being exposed to recession so often, with change being the only constant, Risk management as a professional has found a niche presence across the globe, arguably in all industries. Risk management certification endorses professionals to manage risks with confidence. In most cases, managing business effectively is correlated with managing risks effectively & efficiently.

Risk Management training provided by ExcelR will help you gain the expertise across the risk management lifecycle right from risk planning to risk monitoring & control. Best part about the training is the inclusion of risk management tools such as Oracle Crystal Ball to explain the nuances of the tools & techniques used in risk management domain. This program includes concepts related to project risk management with a brief introduction to the organizational risks.

World is witnessing recession once in every decade and the frequency is only increasing as we progress. Understanding the uncertainty in the economy and being prepared with risk responses to handle the turmoil is key to the success of any business. Risk management tools and techniques will enable a professional to cater to the needs of increasing the project success. Most interestingly “Risk management professional” certification has generic concepts which is applicable to any sector within any industry.

Things You Will Learn…

Introduction to Risk Management

  • Risk management concepts
  • Probability distributions – Beta, Triangular, Lognormal, Exponential, etc.
  • Defining project risks
  • Defining risk management processes

Risk communication

  • Risk communication basics
  • Risk tolerances and impacts
  • Risk management reporting

Risk Governance across project life cycle

Plan Risk Management

  • Inputs to risk planning
  • Creating the risk management plan
  • Identify the technique used for plan risk management process
  • Identify sections of risk management plan
  • Recognize the principles of risk tolerance, probability and impact

Identifying Project Risks

  • Documentation review
  • Gathering risk information
  • Risk register
  • Risk identification analysis
  • Root cause analysis and diagramming techniques

Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

  • Introduction to Qualitative risk analysis
  • Risk probability and impact assessment
  • Risk quality and urgency assessment
  • Updating the risk register with qualitative data

Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

  • Introduction to Quantitative risk analysis
  • Risk data gathering and representation techniques
  • Quantitative risk analysis – Decision Tree analysis
  • Quantitative risk modeling techniques – Simulation
  • Updating the risk register with quantitative data

Plan Risk Responses

  • Introduction to risk response planning
  • Risk response strategies – negative risks and positive risks
  • Contingent response strategies
  • Updating plans and risk documentation

Monitor and Control Risks

  • Introduction to monitoring and controlling risks
  • Techniques for monitoring and controlling risks
  • Risk document updates and change requests

(PMI-RMP)® Mock Exam

Study Guidance – Ongoing

Course Introduction Video

Watch our sample e-learning video recorded by industry’s best trainers with extensive subject knowledge expertise and who are considered to be the best trainers of the industry. All the participants will be provided access to our state-of-the-art Learning management system (LMS) at, where one can access end to end course videos at your own pace & convenience sitting back at your home. Videos can be accessed from your desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. Switch back and forth as you choose


  • We have a lot of risks in the ever emerging world. This the rapid pace of growth comes newer risks to deal with. Recession has become a common phenomenon. Hence, (PMI-RMP)® certification is valid for the present world and the relevance of this certification will only increase.
  • You will receive 30 contact hours of certificate which is required for you to apply & appear for (PMI-RMP)® exam. Our training covers depth & breadth of the risk management tools & techniques which will help participants pass the exam with ease.
  • ExcelR believes is explaining concepts using practical approach. Hence, you will be taught about data distributions & simulation using Oracle Crystal Ball tool.
  • You will be provide with 3 full length mock exam questions for practice. These questions are composed by industry leaders to give you the best chance of passing the (PMI-RMP)® exam.
  • (PMI-RMP)® exam will be for 3.5 hours & you will be asked 170 questions to answer. Out of these 170 questions, 20 questions are pre-test questions, meaning, these 20 questions which are sprinkled across 170 questions do not carry any marks.
  • PMI® never discloses the pass percentage. However, based on various external research, anywhere between 70 to 75% is the pass percentage.
  • Yes, the certificate is so covet that you will be readily accepted in the industry with (PMI-RMP)® certification. We have a pool of participants who also have attended (PMI-RMP)® training & they keep posting job opening in their companies. So be rest assured to be notified so that you reap the special benefits of being PMI-RMP certified



The Trainer did an amazing job of making the whole learning process very easy and enjoyable. My team enjoyed every part of it and were quite participative. His ability to relate the different aspects of ITIL Processes to real life situations were commendable…

Krishnamraj, Senior IT Consultant, ITC INFOTECH



I want to thank you guys for the training. Faculty is really awesome. I appreciate 2 things in the training, the examples and hand holding done till I got certified. I wanted to give my feedback on the training once I get certified and so the delay responding back to your feedback questionnaire. Thank you

Rama Reddy SV, Associate Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services


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