Harness the power of Web Analytics

Harness the power of Web Analytics

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Undisputedly web holds a wealth of data which no other data source hold on the planet. These are the series of questions, which flash our mind when we hear about the word Web Analytics:

• “What do we do with the wealth of data available on web?”
• “How to use it for our benefit?”
• “Will marketing through Internet is profitable?”
• “Which web marketing strategy will be profitable?”
• “What metrics do we captured from web?”

Obvious answer to all the questions mentioned above & many more, is Web Analytics. Gathering the data from web & cleansing the data to get meaningful information is at the heart of web analytics. Say a person has seen an ad which browsing the internet & then saw an ad while he was checking his social media (e.g. Facebook) & then has started checking his email and saw an email with the same ad & then while commuting to office has seen the ad on mobile.

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