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What is Guidewire?

Guidewire is a suite of software targeting the property and casualty insurance markets. It has full support for insurance operation, policy administration, billing, claims management and underwriting. Guidewire is far more sophisticated, feature rich and modern in comparison to legacy systems used in-house by insurance companies. Guidewire suite of applications help insurers achieve growth and change according to market situations. Guidewire products can be deployed in the cloud or in premises. The Guidewire insurance platform comprises of core operations, data and analytics and digital engagement. Guidewire insurance suite handles transactional systems of records. Guidewire data and analytics products help insurers make efficient use of data to gain insights into trends. Guidewire digital portals comprises of digital sales, service and claims management. Its InsuranceNow is a complete cloud based solution.

Customised Corporate Guidewire training

As can be seen, Guidewire offers various products for the insurance sector and not all of them are necessary. As such Excelr offers custom Guidewire training with emphasis only on modules that are often in use. Subsequently participants can choose Guidewire training later on to further enhance their knowledge. It is common that insurance companies usually outsource their claims handling to various agencies and for personnel of such agencies we recommend custom Guidewire claim center training that focuses on the claims management part of this vast software solution for insurance companies.

Why choose Excelr?

Excelr conducts training only by professionals thoroughly experienced in Guidewire products. They have the expertise and industry experience as well as the teaching ability to transfer knowledge to participants of Guidewire corporate training programs. We are fully committed to ensuring that each participant receives thorough training and becomes fully proficient in the use of Guidewire in real life situations. Our rates are affordable and quality is the highest. We offer training with full support.


Excelr provides full support to all participants of Guidewire training programs. This support is available prior to commencement, during the program and after the training. When trainees use Guidewire on the job and come across issues we are always available by email, phone or chat to help them resolve their problems. Our experts offer useful tips and guidance to help them do their job effectively and efficiently and leverage the full power of Guidewire to the best advantage of their employers.

Guidewire training from Excelr is available globally through its online programs and also through centres across India in Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.



One of the best trainings I’ve ever attended.

Kailash Panda, Country Manager & Associate Director, Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd



The training was structured well,which explains all concepts very holistically followed by the quizzes,that helped me to internalize the knowledge very well

Prahlad Patidar, Project Manager, Tata Consultancy Services



The sessions were well planned,methodical and focused on the objectives.The trainer has set relevant examples from real life situation to clear the concepts. The coverage was good. Excellent interaction was maintained throughout the training. The doubts were made clear in a very simple form to understand as and when required. I enjoyed the sessions with knowledge up-gradations.

Anil Kumar Nigam, Manager State Projects, National Institute for Smart Government


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