Excelr Hybris Online Training Perfect for Ecommerce Development
Excelr Hybris Online Training Perfect for Ecommerce Development

Excelr Hybris Online Training Perfect for Ecommerce Development


Hybris is an out of the box ecommerce development tool as well as having features for ecommerce managemnt, data management and order management. It is fast becoming the platform of choice for ecommerce development and enterprises engaged in offering e-commerce development would surely benefit by having trained Hybris experts.

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 Why Hybris?

Excelr Hybris online training is the perfect way to go. Hybris is the big thing in e-commerce development due to its feature sets. Based on Spring JEE it is scalable and easy to learn provided one has a background in Spring Jee and basics of e-commerce. Hybris includes a PIM Module too besides a flexible promotion module right out of the box. There are lots of other features but to sum it up one can say it is an outstanding multi-store, a multi-site and multi-lingual platform for today’s e-commerce development. Hybris is versatile yet complex with its architecture and configuration options.

 Why Excelr for Online Training in Hybris?

Online Hybris Training turns out experts who can build on demand ecommerce solutions. Excelr focuses on live, interactive online training. Training is conducted by certified and experienced Hybris professionals. What makes online training in Hybris with Excelr so special is that we have broken down Hybris into various modules and customise training to suit objectives of candidates and their role in the corporate set up.

Why Excelr

 This way they learn precisely what is most relevant to their job areas and can become productive from day one. There is no waste of time or effort. Further, Excelr online courses are self-placed so there is no pressure to complete modules within set periods. Learners have access to videos and materials online besides access to tutors who can resolve any issues.

 Hybris online training course is broken down into components like environment setup, type systems and models, management console, PCM basics, import-export, service layers, workflows, validation and accelerator. Candidates can pick and choose modules of relevance to them and our trainers focus on 100% transfer of knowledge with theoretical and practical training sessions that can be undertaken every day, over the weekends or whenever convenient.

Why ExcelR

 As the number one global and Indian online technical training institute for corporate personnel, Excelr believes in turning out experts who contribute to a company’s growth. The initial phases post online training can be difficult which is why Excelr always offers full support.

 Even individuals with IT qualifications can join Excelr Hybris online training or choose to step into any of its centres in Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or Bangalore but online training is found to be far more convenient for a global audience. The world is shifting to e-commerce and open source platforms for e-commerce have several shortcomings that Hybris does not. It is also profitable for enterprises to make use of Hybris for e-commerce development because they can offer a number of advanced features to their clients. Training in Hybris for their personnel gives them an edge in the highly competitive IT segment.

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