What is sitecore ?
What is sitecore ?

What is sitecore ?


Sitecore is a global software company that offers software packages for content management systems and sophisticated digital marketing systems. The Sitecore CMS presents a desktop interface controlled by a role-based system. This desktop is similar in look and feel to a Microsoft Windows desktop. This makes it easy for new users to learn and operate the Sitecore system. Further, the Sitecore CMS incorporates multiple applications allow users to edit content, manage users, monitor campaigns, and set up workflows, etc. The Sitecore product is designed for “mid-market commercial or large enterprises, non-profits, and government organizations that require enterprise-level functionality, integration and scalability.”

Customized Training

  • ExcelR training modules help learners gain exposure on adding and editing the content of live webpages. The Rich Text Editor built into Sitecore CMS helps add text, images, and tables. Sitecore developers, content authors, administrators, business and technical stakeholders, and advanced learners can benefit from ExcelR training modules.

  • Our training packages give users an overview and hands-on experience of the Sitecore web edit interface and tools to create new web pages, update content on existing pages, insert feature images, create call outs and forms, etc.

  • ExcelR offers advanced training packages for website administrators that wish to create and modify web pages. The various modules of advanced training help users to explore the content editor mode, add feature images, edit page footers, use various Sitecore wizards, create publishing options, and design 404 pages, etc.

  • In addition, ExcelR works with clients to identify and understand specific training needs and requirements. The outcomes include customized learning solutions that address various budgets, training schedules, and different learning styles.

  • ExcelR can organize and execute instructor-led training classes at the client’s facility. This helps to accommodate different schedules and travel preferences. Our team of dedicated training resources can help create and reinforce the right competencies for the client’s Sitecore development team.

Why ExcelR

  • ExcelR attempts to understand and map the exact training requirements of individual clients. This ensures that our training modules and packages remain up to date and deliver targeted competencies to all learners.

  • The dedicated team of Sitecore instructors and trainers at ExcelR has a track record of delivering high impact training regimens.

  • Clients can realize higher ROI by investing in training modules designed by ExcelR. Our custom training schedules impart deep and relevant knowledge to attendees, thus enabling them to function expertly at their native work environments.

Post-Training Support

  • ExcelR offers end-to-end support like lifetime access to E-learning systems, assistance through WhatsApp groups for clarification of doubts, and access to free demo sessions, trainer assistance, etc.

  • We can arrange for refresher training courses subject to certain conditions.


  • What are the different types of training available?

    Classroom, instructor-led virtual online and E-learning modules are available.

  • Can Sitecore training be customized per user requirements

    Yes, we customize the Sitecore training based on the client’s specific requirements. Kindly contact us at enquiry@excelr.com.

  • What is the duration of training modules?

    The standard training is delivered in three days. For any customized training, the duration may vary depending on the requirements.

  • Are there any prerequisites?

    No pre-requisites are required to undertake training on Sitecore. Nevertheless, for Sitecore training, learners need some exposure in computer programming.

  • Will ExcelR provide certification on Sitecore?

    Our training enables candidates to pursue Sitecore certifications independently.

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