Excelr Pentaho Online Training Makes a Difference to the Way You Use Big Data
Excelr Pentaho Online Training Makes a Difference to the Way You Use Big Data

Excelr Pentaho Online Training Makes a Difference to the Way You Use Big Data


Big data is big, stupendous and mammoth in every sense. It is also the key that will make a difference to organizations. Those that make use of big data are likely to forge ahead.  Handling big data involves IT software and hardware challenges but Pentaho makes it easy.


Pentaho Online training courses are geared to the needs of executives

Pentaho from Hitachi is one of the finest analytics and data integration tool that accelerates big data tools like Hadoop and NoSQL as well as IoT, besides allowing ease of access to data and blending data from diverse sources. Its embedded analytics allows better insights and reports that can be the basis for decision-making. All this is done through an easy to use dashboard. However sophisticated a tool may be, it ultimately comes down to the user and his familiarity with the features of Pentaho.

Excelr understands how complex Pentaho is and why those who handle Pentaho environments need to be experts at what they are doing in order to extract value. This is why their Pentaho Online training courses are geared to the needs of executives for whom IT is the secondary concern but its use for business is of primary interest. Its BA1000 business analytics program is geared to give business executives a thorough training in concepts underlying Pentaho and take them forward towards becoming experts in the use of business intelligence derived from big data.

Why ExcelR

Excelr’s online training in Pentaho does not follow a regular schedule or a single course pattern. Needs of executive and organizations they work for vary. By offering a structured, modular course designed around the immediate requirements, Excelr delivers better value in a shorter time. Those who undergo such training online can do so at their convenience and pursue a topic in detail with the help of expert professionals. A user may be interested in learning how to bring together diverse data sources and derive intelligence that will help in making business dependence. Excelr teaches executives what they wish to know and what will be of help to them. This is why its online Pentaho courses are so popular and sought after worldwide.

Modes of Training

Pentaho training online is not just for executives; those with business qualifications can hope to get into better-paying jobs in larger corporations if they undergo systematic training. In this case, Excelr offers personalized training online and covers virtually all modules in a phased manner. For such trainees, everything from data integration to analytics to visual analysis becomes child’s play. In fact, one of the good features of Pentaho is its reduced reliance on IT and more on a visual approach that makes it fun to develop geo maps, heat grids and other forms of visualization. Such executives can pursue online courses or walk into any of Excelr’s centres in Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. Each trainee goes on from the basics to advanced modules in a phased and structured way. If and when he does start work, he can expect continuing support in the resolution of any issues he faces when using Pentaho. This is what makes Excelr so unique.

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