Excelr Guidewire Online Training a Cut above the Rest
Excelr Guidewire Online Training a Cut above the Rest

Excelr Guidewire Online Training a Cut above the Rest


Corporate training is fast becoming popular as companies realize the value of empowering employees. It is no different in the insurance sector where Guidewire is so widely used to power their operations.




Guidewire Online Training a Cut above the Rest

Guidewire suite is widely used by property and casualty insurance companies. It includes everything from handling inquiries for insurance to policy administration, billing, claims management and underwriting. It is enhanced by data and analytics to help insurers analyze trends and stay on top. In a typical company, there are different employees using Guidewire’s specific features for their routine operations. The software itself is user-friendly with a graphical interface and most employees use basic features without bothering about advanced features that, if used, would help them do much more. This is why Guidewire online training by Excelr Solutions is recommended to enhance productivity and employee efficiency.

Why Excelr

Excelr’s online training in Guidewire is customized and for good enough reasons. Consider what regular trainers offer. A typical course would take learners through the basics of Guidewire, teach them about configuration and understanding of various models, go on to organizing the claims centre and then best practices. This type of generalized training is of little use to employees handling specific parts like claims management, policy management or billing. Excelr’s custom online training addresses gaps and goes in-depth into specifics for each employee and his role. The result is that employees emerge better empowered and knowledgeable as well as skilled in what they have to deal with on a day to day basis.

Unlike others, Excelr does not believe in a one size fits all approach in corporate training if highest efficiency and productivity are the goals. Each employee’s role is analyzed and a custom package is tailored to bring him up to speed. This has two benefits. One, the learner is motivated to learn because what he learns directly concerns his areas of work. Two, he learns more, in-depth and at speed. The training is online so he can access materials any time he is free and proceed at his convenience. He can access a tutor anytime he faces any issue while learning and become perfect in the selected modules. Tutors also go beyond to transfer the knowledge they have gained through years of hands-on experience and give insights that are not usually available in a regular course. By establishing a one-to-one relationship with the tutor, the learner remains committed and gets to know far more than he would be he to attend a classroom-based course.

Modes of Training

Excelr stands out in another area. The course may be over. Support is not. It continues even after the prescribed duration of the course is over and the employee starts to use his newfound knowledge in his work. He may face issues in real life situations but with an Excelr expert available online to assist whenever required; he can take on challenges with confidence. It results in the employee being able to handle Guidewire fluidly and be much more productive, translating to benefits for employers. For employers, it is an investment with multiple returns when they engage Excelr for Guidewire training.

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