PMP Exam Prep Sample Questions With Answers and Explanation
PMP Exam Prep Sample Questions With Answers and Explanation

PMP Exam Prep Sample Questions With Answers and Explanation


Here are some objective type sample PMP test questions and their answers with explanation are provided just below to them. This free sample questions is just to provide you a concept of kind of questions which may be asked in PMP Certification Examinations.

Offered by the specialists over at ExcelR, here are some questions to help you in preparation for the PMP examination. Good Luck!

Question 1

The objectives of project risk management are to increase the likelihood and impact of ______.

a) neutral events
b) negative events
c) positive events
d) unpredictable events

Answer – C: The likelihood and impact of Positive Risks or opportunities should be increased

Question 2

Which is not a Risk management process?
a) Plan risk Management
b) Identify risks
c) Perform Quarterly risk Analysis
d) control risks

Answer – C: There is no processes called Quarterly Risk Analytics

Question 3

Project risk is an __________ event or condition that, if it occurs, has a positive or negative effect on one or more project objectives such as scope, schedule, cost, and quality.
a) unlikely
b) uncertain
c) unavoidable
d) unapproved

Answer – B

Question 4

Who provides the requirements of a new project?
a) Customer
b) Stakeholders
c) Project Manager
d) Senior Management

Answer – B: Stakeholders is the best source to collect requirements the rest of the choices are all could be part of the stakeholders

Question 5

Delphi technique is one of the tool to identify risk.
a) true
b) false
c) not applicable
d) Partially correct

Answer – A: Delphi technique is the one of the techniques to identify risks

Question 6

Matrix organizations exhibit features of both projectized and functional organizations. In a weak matrix organization, the role of a project manager may be that of a:
a) Coordinator
b) Manager with considerable authority
c) Support person
d) Functional manager

Answer – A: In weak matrix PM’s role could be Project coordinator or Expeditor

Question 7

Issues in the requirements is BEST resolved in keeping in mind the
a) Sponsor
b) Project Manager’s boss
c) Customer
d) End User

Answer – D

Question 8

Outcome of a project is always
a) Unique
b) Repetitive
c) Product
d) Result

Answer – A: Unique, The outcome is always unique in Operations or manufacturing the outcome is always recurring

Question 9

Which process prevents the scope creep?
a) Control quality
b) Manage project team
c) Control scope
d) Verify scope

Answer – C: Control scope process is most responsible for preventing scope creep. Main reason to control scope is to influence the impact of changes

Question 10

The deliverables are produced and the scope is being verified. What is the main objective of validate scope process?
a) Project scope statement is prepared
b) Deliverables are produced
c) Deliverables are tested and checked whether scope is met or not
d) Deliverables are accepted by the stakeholders

Answer – D: Stakeholders formally accept the project scope and the deliverables. This is the main objective of validate scope process 


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