Benefits of PMP Certification
Benefits of PMP Certification

Benefits of PMP Certification


PMP stands for Project Management Professional which is an internationally recognized professional designation. It has practical relevance in various industries like IT, services, construction, transportation, oil and gas, architectural, engineering and energy etc. Professionals are often concerned about the metamorphic change that PMP certification can bring into their career. The Project Management Professional (PMP) is a globally acknowledged professional certification that validates a professional’s education and experience in project management.

Why PMP certification? Here are the benefits of PMP certification:

  • PMP Certification makes you a part of a credible global workforce
    Since PMP is globally recognized, therefore an individual becomes eligible to work anywhere in the world. Unlike other professional courses like medicine, pharmacy, physiotherapy, engineering etc. where you must showcase your skills by either undergoing a short-term course or an examination while immigrating to another country, PMP certified professionals do not have to undergo an assessment. They can go and immediately start working there.
  • Recruiters prefer PMP Certified Professionals over other Project Managers
    To be able to work as a Project Manager, one needs to display high credibility as well as should be able to pay attention to the details without affording ignorance. PMP certification helps an individual acknowledge his project management skills.
  • Money runs after you after PMP Certification
    According to a research done by the Project Management Institute, it was found that in more than 80% of the cases, managers saw an increase of at least 20% in their compensation. An average salary of a PMP certified project manager in India is Rs.15,00,000, however, the salary ranges from Rs. 12,00,000 to Rs. 20,00,000. Managers term PMP as a ‘High Return on Investment Stock’
  • You become a much-needed person while some others are getting laid off in recession
    Although no one can immune an individual from layoffs during the time of the recession however from the previous experiences, it has been noticed that PMP professionals are considered valuable for the company, especially during the time of recession and are looked upon to drive the company out of the difficult time.
  • PMP certification equips you with necessary skills for being successful project manager
    Spend a day with a project manager and you would get to know the amount of work that goes in and out to drive the project successfully. According to a research, it was found that 90% of the projects that fail is due to the fact that the project estimates are not put in place correctly. There it becomes quite essential to jump onto the field only with proper training. It is rightly said, “The more you sweat during the training, the better you perform on the field.”


    Working as a project manager without a PMP certification training is like a second-year medical student entering an operation theatre to conduct a surgery. It is the most fatal thing one can even imagine of. While doing PMP, an individual gets to learn a lot of techniques that helps in streamlining his project management skill to ensure 100% successful project delivery.

  • You are always the First One to know about a new technology transformations
    The PMP badge always gives an individual to stay abreast with the new industry standards as well as technologies and therefore contributes a lot in making you a true leader.
  • You get to be an insider of multiple industry domains as your career progresses
    As a PMP certified Project Manager, one no longer gets restricted to a domain. Project management skills become more important rather than the product build. Therefore, switching domains shall not be a challenge for the individual.
  • You get embraced in a professional network that really puts you across exciting opportunities and places
    PMP certification helps an individual meet people globally through various platforms like discussion boards, online communities, brown bag sessions, conferences etc. People pool in their experience about the various projects handled by them. In short, one can witness the project management flora through these platforms.
  • You become more aware and influential in team management after PMP certification
    Handling the team, work, timely deliveries and at the same time the expectations of the employees and their social work-life balance may seem a challenge for a non-PMP certified individual however for a PMP certified individual, the skill set that he acquires during the PMP certification training make him the best resource to handle the hefty task, easily.
  • Employers regard PMP individuals like you as a goal-oriented and highly motivated individual
    Achieving the PMP certification is an apt way to let the employers know that you are goal oriented as well as motivated for a simple reason that achieving the PMP certification is not an easy task and it requires the individual to pump in extra hours of hard work apart from what he invests in during the office hours. So, it’s like a second job beyond the call of the duty. Therefore, employers are always in search of dedicated and committed individuals who are ready to put in more than 100%.

Therefore, it is quite evident that the benefits of PMP certification can take an individual to great heights in his career. A PMP professional definitely has an edge over others while moving up a career path. PMP salaries which were posted shows a clear difference between people with and without a certification. So mobilize yourself, to get this most sought after credential and increase your employability.


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