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What is Maven?

Maven is a specific tool used for building and managing Java based projects. Targeted at developers, Maven simplifies the build process, provides a uniform build system while providing quality project information and it also allows transparent migration to new features. It uses conventions for the build process and has pre-defined targets to carry out tasks like code compilation. Mainly intended for Java platforms, Maven is just as useful to build and manage projects in Ruby, C#, Scala and other languages. Once part of the Jakarta project, Maven is hosted by the Apache Software Foundation and hence it is sometimes referred to as Apache Maven. It has a host of features that help developers cut short time of development.

Customized Maven Corporate training

Maven is quite extended and it takes time for a developer who is fundamentally conversant with Java to understand and execute Maven concepts. This is the reason why Excelr offers custom Maven online training with emphasis on only those modules that are required to help achieve goals. There is always the flexibility of opting for additional Apache Maven training as one progresses to higher levels. Excelr Apache Maven corporate training helps developers in corporate environments become familiar with Maven tools and plugins and carry out their part of the job with the shortest learning curve. They learn intricacies and, more importantly, specifically those parts that relate to their job requirements.

Why Excelr?

Excelr has a team of Maven experts with years of industry experience and vast knowledge of this platform who take on the task of Maven corporate training. Our professionals pay attention to each candidate and help them with any issues while giving them training in theory as well as hands-on practical project work to instill confidence in them to handle this complex tool. Experienced and knowledgeable, our Maven wizards also offer insightful advice and tips that cut short the learning process and give participants true value for money. And, of course, we have ongoing support too.


Excelr believes that support does not end with completion of the Maven online training course. It is the starting point as, in fact, participants will come across hurdles as they implement what they have learnt. We are always there to help out people who have attended our course and teach them how to take care of issues and get work done.

Excelr Maven online training is available globally and also across India with specific centers in cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune and Bangalore.



One of the best trainings I’ve ever attended.

Kailash Panda, Country Manager & Associate Director, Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd



The training was structured well,which explains all concepts very holistically followed by the quizzes,that helped me to internalize the knowledge very well

Prahlad Patidar, Project Manager, Tata Consultancy Services



The sessions were well planned,methodical and focused on the objectives.The trainer has set relevant examples from real life situation to clear the concepts. The coverage was good. Excellent interaction was maintained throughout the training. The doubts were made clear in a very simple form to understand as and when required. I enjoyed the sessions with knowledge up-gradations.

Anil Kumar Nigam, Manager State Projects, National Institute for Smart Government


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