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What is Adobe CQ5?

Adobe Communique 5 or CQ5 as it is known is one of the finest content management systems especially targeted at corporate users with large websites or numbers of websites. It goes beyond that in being able to track visitor behaviors and convert potential customers. One of its attractive features is that it is platform independent since it is based on HTML5 and Java with some sling and JackRabbit included. It is complex and due to different needs of user companies, custom Adobe CQ5 training is the most beneficial.

Customized corporate Adobe CQ5 Training

ExcelR offers customized Adobe CQ5 training through its various centers as well as Adobe CQ5 online training for a global audience. Equipped with the resources and with a team of CQ5 professionals with years of industry experience, Excelr is the perfect choice when it comes to customized training in specific modules to help participants become productive from day one. Adobe CQ5 corporate training is personalized to suit the company’s goals and business model and gives the greatest benefit rather than a generalized course in which many modules may not be of interest.

Why choose Excelr?

Excelr has a team of the finest, qualified, trained and experienced CQ5 professionals committed to transfer of knowledge. Our Adobe CQ5 training personnel focus on what is required and design modular courses that suit the objective of a candidate and the company he works for. We make sure that each candidate undergoes extensive training in chosen modules and becomes perfect in their use and, of course, we are always ready with our support.

Post Training Support

Support is vital in our Adobe CQ5 training programs. We are there with our support to help candidates decide the modules of most benefit to them. We support during the training sessions and we are there afterwards. We understand the implementation challenges they face subsequent to the training, our trainers are always available to do the necessary hand holding.

Excelr’s Adobe CQ5 training is available online for global audience and it is also available through centers in Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai.



One of the best trainings I’ve ever attended.

Kailash Panda, Country Manager & Associate Director, Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd



The training was structured well,which explains all concepts very holistically followed by the quizzes,that helped me to internalize the knowledge very well

Prahlad Patidar, Project Manager, Tata Consultancy Services



The sessions were well planned,methodical and focused on the objectives.The trainer has set relevant examples from real life situation to clear the concepts. The coverage was good. Excellent interaction was maintained throughout the training. The doubts were made clear in a very simple form to understand as and when required. I enjoyed the sessions with knowledge up-gradations.

Anil Kumar Nigam, Manager State Projects, National Institute for Smart Government


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