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  • 10 Tools Covered
  • 2 Capstone Projects
  • 20+ Assignments & Case Studies
  • 3 Value Added Courses
  • 300+ MCQs for Market-Readiness
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Program Highlights

ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR DevOPs training
ExcelR Selenium training

Skills Covered

ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training


Tools and Technologies

ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training


Why ExcelR

ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training


ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training
ExcelR Selenium training



  1. Implement the POM framework
  2. Implement multiple browser execution.
  3. Write test Scripts in Test class and seperate the Page classes.
  4. Use the TestNG annotations as per need.
  5. Implement Assertions and Loggers as per need.
  1. Implement the BDD framework using Gherkin Keywords.
  2. Implement parallel execution to save execution time. Implement algorithms to save time and space.
  3. Write 10+ Test Scripts, Test class automate end to end scenarios, Implement Fluent design pattern with or without POM.
  4. Implement reporting such as Allure/ Extent Report.

Career Progression

Career Progression

Road Map of Selenium Course :

Placement Process - ExcelR


Course Curriculum


  • Software Testing
    • What is Software Testing? Definition, Basics & Types
    • 7 Software Testing Principles: Learn with Examples
    • STLC – Software Testing Life Cycle Phases & Entry, Exit Criteria
    • What is System Testing? Types & Definition with Example
    • Sanity Testing Vs Smoke Testing: Introduction & Differences
    • What is Regression Testing? Definition, Test Cases (Example)
  • Test Case Creation
    • What is Test Scenario? Template with Examples
    • How to Write Test Cases: Sample Template with Examples
    • Software Testing Techniques with Test Case Design Examples
  • Design Techniques
    • Boundary Value Analysis & Equivalence Partitioning with Examples
    • Decision Table Testing: Learn with Example
    • Defect Management Process in Software Testing (Bug Report Template)
  • Jira Tool
    • Practical implementation of Jira Tool
  • Webdriver architecture, All Types of Drivers
    • What is WebDriver?
    • What is Selenium? Features
    • Limitations,
    • Eclipse and Java Installtion,
    • Download Selenium Jars,
    • WebDriver Commands
    • Running Test on All browsers
    • Navigation Commands
  • Locators working with WebElements
    • Identifying and Interacting with HTML Elements using WebDriver
    • WebDriver Commands
    • FindElements Command
    • Waits in Selenium
    • Check Box & Radio buttons
    • Drop Down & Multiple Selects
    • WebTable Handling
    • Read text/values from Web Page
    • Enter values into elements/objects
  • Handling Alert, Frame, Windows
    • Simple, prompt and confirmation
    • Handling Frames
    • Handling Multiple windows
  • Actions
    • Mouse Events
    • Click, doubleClick, contectClick, dragAndDrop, clickAndHold,release
    • Keyboard Events
    • How to scroll page
    • Capture screenshot
  • JavaScript Executor
    • How to execute JavaScript
  • TestNG
    • TestNG Basics
    • Annotations
    • Create TestNG.XML file / Test / TestSuite
    • Integrate with Selenium scripts
    • Run from TestNG and Tags in TestNG.XML file
    • Reporting Results and Anlyze
    • TestNG Annotations - Hands on to explain how its used in the projects
      1. Dependsonmethods/group
      2. Priority
      3. Groups
      4. Data provider.
      5. TestNG Listerners
  • Selenium Framework
    • POM
    • Types of Frameworks DataDriven
    • Keywork Driven
  • Git and Jenkins
    • Introduction to GIT
    • Comparison between GIT, GIT LAB & GIT HUB
    • Branching / Merging in GIT
    • Introduction to Jenkins
    • Install and configure Jenkins
    • Jenkins - Main features
    • Introduction to Plugins
    • Jenkins- Dashboard overview
  • API
    • What is API?
    • What is API testing
    • How Does an API Work?
    • Web Services
    • Web Services vs Web API
  • Postman
    • Postman Installtion
    • How to execute APIs
    • Working with GET Requests
    • Working with POST Requests
    • How to Parameterize Requests
    • How to Create Postman Tests
    • How to Create Collections
  • Soap UI/ Ready API
    • SOAP UI Installation
    • Create a Project, Test Suite, TestCase
    • Request & Response
    • Properties
    • Property Transfer
    • Logs Pane
    • Assertions

Value added Courses

  • Agile Methodology & Model: Guide for Software Development & Testing
  • What is Agile Testing? Process, Strategy, Test Plan, Life Cycle Example
  • Scrum Testing Methodology Tutorial: What is, Process, Artifacts, Sprint
  • Introduction to DevOps Tools
  • GIT
  • Jenkins
  • Maven
  • Basic Java
    • Java Installtion Basic Syntax
    • Datatypes in Java
    • Java Identifiers
    • Operators in Java
    • Java Variables
    • Scope of Variables
    • Decision making in Java
    • Loops in Java
  • String
    • Introduction of Strings in Java
    • Why strings are immutable in Java?
    • StringBuffer class in Java
    • StringBuilder class in Java
  • Array
    • Introduction to Arrays in Java
    • Array Sorting
    • 2 D Array
  • Object Oriented Progrmming Concept
    • Class, Object
    • Constructors, Static, this keyword
    • Super keyword
    • Final keyword
    • OOPs Concept
    • Inheritance
    • Abstraction
    • polymorphism
    • Encapulation
  • Exception Handling
    • Exception Handling
    • Try Catch finally block
  • Introduction
    • Python Introduction - Programing Cycle of Python
    • Python IDE
  • Variables
    • Variables , Data type ,
    • Number , string ,List , Tuple , Dictionary
  • Operators
    • Operator -Arthmatic ,comparison , Assignment ,Logical , Bitwise opeartor
    • Decision making - Loops
  • Loops
    • While loop, for loop and nested loop
    • Number type conversion - int(), long(). Float ()
    • Mathametical functions , Random function , Trigonometric function
  • String
    • Strings- Escape char, String special Operator , String formatting Operator
    • Build in string methods - center(), count()decode(), encode()
  • List
    • Python List - Accessing values in list, Delete list elements , Indexing slicing & Matrices
    • Built in Function - cmp(), len(), min(), max(), list comprehension
  • Tuples
    • Tuples - Accessing values in Tuples, Delete Tuples elements , Indexing slicing & Matrices
    • Built in tuples functions - cmp(), len ()
  • Dictionary
    • Dictionary - Accessing values from dictionary, Deleting and updating elements in Dict.
    • Properties of Dist. , Built in Dist functions & Methods, Dict comprehension
    • Date & time -Time Tuple , calendor module and time module

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