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Microsoft project training includes exposure to managing a project which includes creating WBS, estimating tasks schedule, effort, assign resources to tasks, monitor the budget & work using EVM etc. MS Project latest version is 2016 which has a lot of collaborative tools with MS Project server.

There are two versions of desktop based MS project – MS project standard & MS project professional. Also MS project lite comes for a very low cost using which team members can fill actual effort & view their tasks online on a web portal. MS project server has a lot of options to manage security & manage desktop version of MS project, which can also be configured through an app called PWA (project web application). Key here is integration of Lync, Share point, Outlook and other Microsoft office suit for seamless integration.

Target Audience

Course best suited for..

  • Project management office staff
  • Project Managers/ Senior Managers interested in planning, scheduling, tracking, reporting
  • Engineering Process Group members
  • Quality staff members
  • In a nutshell, anyone who manages projects find MS project a friend

Things You Will Learn…

1.Working with Project
1.1 Using the Ribbon
1.2 Navigating the Backstage View
1.3 Finding Commands

2.Setting up Project Files
2.1 Creating and Saving Projects
2.2 Creating a Project from template
2.3 Creating a Project from an Excel Workbook
2.4 Setting up Calendars
2.5 Defining working and non-working time

3.Creating Tasks
3.1 Understanding manual and auto-scheduling
3.2 Creating a manual task
3.3 Creating an auto scheduled task
3.4 Switching between manual and automatic scheduling
3.5 Creating a Milestone task
3.6 Creating a recurring task
3.7 Copying tasks from another program
3.8 Creating a summary task
3.9 Displaying summary task
3.10 Organizing tasks in a task list
3.11 Working with work break down structure(WBS) codes

4.Linking and Timing Tasks
4.1 Linking tasks
4.2 Adding lag or lead time
4.3 Setting task date constraints
4.4 Viewing tasks and task links

5.Creating Resources
5.1 Understanding Resources
5.2 Creating a work resource
5.3 Creating a material resource
5.4 Setting up costs for work and material resources
5.5 Creating a cost resource

6.Assigning Tasks to Resources
6.1 Understanding duration, work and units
6.2 Assigning resources to tasks
6.3 Using Team Planner to assign resources
6.4 Finding over allocations
6.5 Assigning Resources with effort driven and non-effort driven scheduling
6.6 Modifying resource assignments
6.7 Replacing resources on a task

7.Working with views
7.1 Choosing a view
7.2 Working with a table
7.3 Inserting and rearranging table columns
7.4 Changing the settings for columns in a table
7.5 Displaying the two views at the same time
7.6 Using the timeline view
7.7 Sorting tasks and resources
7.8 Grouping tasks and resources
7.9 Filtering tasks and resources
7.10 Modifying task bar styles and task bar text
7.11 Modifying task bar layout
7.12 Modifying text formatting

8.Fine Tuning the Project Schedule
8.1 Reviewing the critical path
8.2 Using the task inspector to review scheduling issues
8.3 Splitting a task
8.4 Delaying a task or assignment
8.5 Adjusting a work contour
8.6 Leveling resources
8.7 Inactivating a task

9.Tracking and Managing a Project
9.1 Understanding baseline, scheduled and actual values
9.2 Saving and clearing a baseline
9.3 Adding tasks to a baseline
9.4 Updating the schedule
9.5 Assigning overtime
9.6 Updating costs
9.7 Rescheduling unfinished work

10.Viewing and Reporting Project Information
10.1 Viewing project report status
10.2 Looking for schedule progress problems
10.3 Looking for cost problems
10.4 Working with graphical reports
10.5 Using earned value
10.6 Printing views and reports

11.Sharing Projects
11.1 Saving to other formats
11.2 Working with the Global template
11.3 Importing and exporting
11.4 Sharing Project information in other ways



It was a great session and very informative. I really give credits to the trainer because this is a very dry subject but the trainer created interest in us.

Thrimurthy Avinash Vankayala, Associate Analyst, Textron



Good, able to understand the process areas, techniques to remember

Raveendra Kumar, Tata Consultancy Services


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