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What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of cloud computing services offered by Google for individuals and corporate companies. It runs on the same infrastructure that powers Google search and YouTube.

Google Cloud platform has a plethora of products for its users like ‘Compute Engine’, ‘App Engine’, Bigtable and many more offering a wide variety of services for all your computing needs. Google Cloud platform is continually adding more and more products to its kitty. With more than 80% of the IT professionals enjoying the services of public cloud services, it is time to tap into the potential of Google Cloud Platform.

With almost all the infrastructure requirements like servers, storage and databases, big data, identity and security, networking and management tools being taken care by the Google Cloud Platform, software developers and programmers have more & better-shared resources to build and develop applications.

Google Cloud Platform Certification Training at ExcelR

With the advent of new technologies, it is imperative for professionals to continuously upgrade their skills to catch up with the trend. We at ExcelR have been serving as a “Go between” for the desiring professionals who possess a unique passion for learning but are quite often let wanting to know where to start. ExcelR solutions, the leaders on Google Cloud Platform Certification training, have been delivering training programs for individuals and corporates alike. While the subject of the Google Cloud Platform is quite vast, it makes it all the more important to deep dive and explore its depths. The Google Cloud Platform has three certifications and we have devised various curriculums ranging from basic to advanced Google Cloud training. We have also provided several customized training programs on Google Cloud Platform for multiple clients. Our highly qualified and certified trainers have decade’s worth of experience in the similar domain. ExcelR is considered to be the best Google cloud platform training owing to their experienced faculty who are considered to be the best in the industry.

Services Offered as part of Google cloud platform certification training

Why ExcelR for Google Cloud Platform Course?

ExcelR solutions a leading provider of Google Cloud Platform training and have been successfully delivering the same with an elite team of developers who are industry stalwarts in the cloud computing platform. Our trainers have an in-depth understanding of the Google Cloud Platform and have vast expertise in training and development. We take absolute responsibility in not only delivering the training but also ensuring that all doubts concerning the current case studies of the participants are addressed to the fullest.

ExcelR Solutions conducts online Google Cloud Platform certification training to cater to various time zones and also has contact programs across specific locations like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi.

Google Cloud certification from ExcelR Solutions will sever as a golden standard validating your expertise in cloud platform techniques and equip you with the necessary skills to make it big in the global landscape.


ExcelR offers the excellent services in terms of support to all its participants, making it the preferred Google Cloud Platform training institute in India. Our trainers are professionals who are always at hand during the Google cloud platform course but our support extends beyond the training. Participants when applying their learning of the Google cloud platform training received quite often face some teething troubles dealing with real-life situations and at times like these, our trainers are available at the beck and call. ExcelR is always there to support and guide in any and all such cases until you gain valuable expertise. Our support is available over the phone, WhatsApp by email and through online chat besides our website.


  • With cloud computing technologies constantly expanding over the past few years, it is of paramount importance that you stay updated with the latest trend – Google Cloud Platform.It is one of the top three cloud platforms preferred by business organizations.
  • It is flexible, cost-effective, and offers secure connections with faster scaling capabilities and robust data services. Companies such as Philips, HTC, HSBC, Snapchat, Spotify are all utilizing Google Could Platform services.
  • No. Anybody from either technical or non-technical background can learn Google Cloud Computing Platform and us at ExcelR will make sure you don’t get left behind.
  • Instructor-led online training is an interactive mode of training where participants and trainer will log in at the same time and live sessions will be done virtually. The sessions will be interactive where the screen of the trainer will be shared and discussions can be done.
  • ExcelR offers a blended model of learning. In this model participants, can attend classroom, instructor-led live online and e-learning (recorded sessions) with a single enrolment. A combination of these 3 will produce a synergistic impact on the learning. One can attend multiple Instructor-led live online sessions for one year from different trainers at no additional cost.
  • It is a live instructor-led interactive session done at a specific time where participants and trainer will log in at the same time. The same session will be also recorded and access will be provided to revise, recap or watch a missed session
  • No worries even if you miss a live Google Cloud Platform session for some reason. Every session will be recorded and access will be given to the video on ExcelR’s state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS). You can watch the recorded Google Cloud Platform sessions at your own pace and convenience
  • Yes, once the course is completed you would get a course completion certification from ExcelR which has global recognition and will solidify your stand in the world of cloud computing platform.



One of the best trainings I’ve ever attended.

Kailash Panda, Country Manager & Associate Director, Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd



The training was structured well,which explains all concepts very holistically followed by the quizzes,that helped me to internalize the knowledge very well

Prahlad Patidar, Project Manager, Tata Consultancy Services



The sessions were well planned,methodical and focused on the objectives.The trainer has set relevant examples from real life situation to clear the concepts. The coverage was good. Excellent interaction was maintained throughout the training. The doubts were made clear in a very simple form to understand as and when required. I enjoyed the sessions with knowledge up-gradations.

Anil Kumar Nigam, Manager State Projects, National Institute for Smart Government


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