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Course Description

Data Analyst Course In Collaboration with IBM :

ExcelR and Tech Conglomerate IBM have collaborated to provide quality upskilling opportunities to students and tech professionals. The Data Analyst Course has been crafted to suit both, the market needs and for those who are interested in building their career in a tech domain that is not dominated by coding.
Get Certified through our world class Data Analyst Certification Course powered by IBM.

What does the course offer ?

The Data Analyst Course covers technologies like Excel, Advanced Excel, Tableau, SQL, Power BI, Basics of R & Python. Apart from the theory classes, there are hands-on assignments and projects that help you apply the concepts that are learnt by a student.


Program Highlights

ExcelR DevOPs training

Top-Notch Faculty

Trainers at ExcelR are passionate about training, and carry 12+ years of industry experience.

ExcelR DevOPs training

Exhaustive Course Curriculum

Our industry-relevant course curriculum is tailored to provide practical exposure with the theory.

ExcelR Data Analyst training

Real-life Projects and Bootcamps

Learners will work on real-life data analytics scenarios from various domains to get application knowledge.

ExcelR DevOPs training

Job Readiness

Intensive interview preparation from Day 1 to prepare candidates for interviews with our network of 2000+ hiring partners.


Skills Covered

Skills covered in Data Analytics - ExcelR
Skills covered in Data Analytics - ExcelR


Tools and Technologies

Tools covered in Data Analyst course - ExcelR


Data Analyst Project Life Cycle

  • After carefully evaluating the business case in a particular domain, data will be collected surrounding it.
  • Using SQL, a database will be created to store the data collected in the previous step.
  • Establish a connection between the database and Tableau/Python/R tools to extract the required data. Generate user-friendly reports according to the business needs and develop the dashboard using Tableau/Power BI.



  • This project requires learners to analyze the patient data of those suffering from different diseases across various summaries. The facility, chain organizations, and dialysis stations analysis is required to be carried out where the patients are undergoing dialysis. The project also focuses on the payment mode aspect wherein if any discounts or reduction in payments have happened then those are analyzed.
  • In this project, learners analyze the loan given by a financial institution to different customers of varied grades and sub-grade levels. The analysis needs to consider the loan disbursement reasons, funded amount, and revolving balance values for every customer in different states and geolocations. The project requires the customers payment modes and the last payment values.
  • This HR-related project considers the attrition rate of employees working at an organization at different levels. The attrition rate analysis is done with respect to different factors such as monthly income, last promotion year, job role, and work-life balance of every employee of different departments.
  • The project requires learners to analyze the usage of different fuels in different facilities in different applications by finding the MMBTu and GWHt values. The fuels used for different geo-locations and for different primary titles are also taken into consideration while doing analysis.
  • The primary aim of the project is to determine the different reasons behind the delay of flights of various airlines. The analysis needs to consider the number of flights in operation, the number of flights cancelled, and the statistical summary of week-wise, state-wise, and city-wise flight distributions.
  • The market for a certain product is analyzed by considering a particular retail outlet which sells these products. The project involves statistical analysis on the payment distribution from different customers with the different modes of transactions across different product categories. The feedback from customers with respect to shipping days and other factors also needs to be considered while carrying out the analysis.


Learning Path

DA Learning Path - ExcelR


Why ExcelR

ExcelR DevOPs training

Industry-Based Course Curriculum

ExcelR DevOPs training

Value Adds: Python Programming, Fundamentals of R, Business Statistics, SAS and ChatGPT

ExcelR DevOPs training

Work Hands-on With 50+ Labs, 30+ Assignments, and 1500+ Interview Preparation Questions


ExcelR DevOPs training

Dedicated Placement Cell

ExcelR DevOPs training

Support through WhatsApp, Calls, & Emails

ExcelR DevOPs training

Lifetime eLearning Access


Course Curriculum

  • Excel: Basics to Advanced
  • MySQL
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Introduction
    • MS office Versions(similarities and differences)
    • Interface(latest available version)
    • Row and Columns
    • Keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation
    • Data Entry(Fill series)
    • Find and Select
    • Clear Options
    • Ctrl+Enter
    • Formatting options(Font,Alignment,Clipboard(copy, paste special))
  • Referencing, Named ranges,Uses,Arithemetic Functions
    • Mathematical calculations with Cell referencing(Absolute,Relative,Mixed)
    • Functions with Name Range
  • Logical functions
    • Logical functions:IF,AND,OR,NESTED IFS,NOT,IFERROR
    • Usage of Mathematical and Logical functions nested together
  • Referring data from different tables: Various types of Lookup, Nested IF
    • LOOKUP
    • INDEX
    • OFFSET
  • Advanced functions
    • Combination of Arithmatic
    • Logical
    • Lookup functions
    • Data Validation(with Dependent drop down)
  • Date and Text Functions
  • Data Handling::Data cleaning, Data type identification, Remove Duplicates, Formatting and Filtering
    • Number Formatting(with shortcuts)
    • CTRL+T(Converting into an Excel Table)
    • Formatting Table
    • Remove Duplicate
    • SORT
    • Advanced Sort
    • FILTER
    • Advanced Filter
  • Data Visualization: Conditional Formatting, Charts
    • Conditional formatting(icon sets/Highlighted colour sets/Data bars/custom formatting)
    • Charts:Bar,Column,Lines,Scatter,Combo,Gantt,Waterfall,pie
  • Data Summarization: Pivot Report and Charts
    • Pivot Reports:Insert,Interface,Crosstable Reports;Filter,Pivot Charts,
    • Slicers:Add,Connect to multiple reports and charts
    • <

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