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Course Description

Course Objectives

The SCRUM training program includes 16 hours of the extensive hands-on program, which is delivered by certified SCRUM trainers, who have extensive implementation knowledge of SCRUM methodology. One will learn about the various SCRUM roles such as Scrum Master, Product Owner & Development Team. Participants will learn about the various requirements gathering techniques & thereby writing user stories & prioritizing the user stories. The course will help prepare participants to manage the Scrum projects end to end, starting from planning until monitoring & closing. Estimation techniques along with arriving at a budget & timelines will be discussed in detail. All these concepts will be learned with fun-filled activities so that learning becomes immensely easy.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn about the various phases of Sprint in Scrum methodology
  • Learn about the various techniques used for writing the requirements including Persona & Extreme Persona
  • Learn about the various estimation techniques such as Planning Poker, Affinity estimation, etc.
  • Learn about the various prioritization techniques including Moscow, Value-based prioritization, etc.
  • Learn about monitoring tools such as Burn Down & Burn Up charts, Cumulative Flow diagrams, etc.

Who should attend

Project Management, Project Controllers, Project Coordinators, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Software Developers, Software Testers, Team Leads, Technical Architects, Anyone working on projects or leading a project will reap benefits by attending the SCRUM training.

Course Curriculum

  • Agile History & Manifesto
  • Scrum Roles
  • Scrum Meetings / Events
  • Scrum Artefacts
  • Scaling Scrum
  • Miscellaneous / Additional Tracking Tools

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ExcelR is a training and consulting firm with its global headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA. Alongside to catering to the tailored needs of students, professionals, corporates and educational institutions across multiple locations, ExcelR opened its offices in multiple strategic locations such as Australia, Malaysia for the ASEAN market, Canada, UK, Romania taking into account the Eastern Europe and South Africa. In addition to these offices, ExcelR believes in building and nurturing future entrepreneurs through its Franchise verticals and hence has awarded in excess of 30 franchises across the globe. This ensures that our quality education and related services reach out to all corners of the world. Furthermore, this resonates with our global strategy of catering to the needs of bridging the gap between the industry and academia globally.

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