Agile Implementation

What benefits can an organization reap?

Organizations who adopt and adapt the Agile methodologies brings primary focus on how to improve time-to-market, optimize business process and reduce cost. Agile implementation enables business to stay top on day to day changes in competitive markets.

  • Helps organization to understand benefits, how to deal with organizations cultural changes while transforming to Agile
  • Proven expertise in Agile consulting services, tool development, maintenance and testing
  • Prudent framework and metrics to enable continuous integration and continual improvement specific to business requirements and expectations
  • Experience in selection and utilization of various appropriate Application Lifecycle Management tools such as JIRA and TFS.
  • Expertise in developing estimation procedures for better Agile estimation
  • Extensive knowledge in devising release cycles of the product to facilitate requirement changes
  • Expertise in developing custom reporting tool, dashboard, and retrospective log to manage iteration effectively
  • Experience in developing turnkey solutions which enables an organization for a better communication, co-ordination and collaboration

Agile implementation methodology


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