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Program Highlights

ExcelR DevOPs training

Assignments and Case Studies

Work hands-on with 20+ case studies, assignments, and labs with mentor support.

ExcelR DevOPs training

Real-life Excel Projects

Work on 5+ real-life projects with mentor support to get applied understanding.

ExcelR Data Analyst training

Job Readiness

Intensive interview preparation from Day 1 to prepare candidates for interviews with our network of 2000+ hiring partners.

ExcelR DevOPs training

Lifetime Access to LMS

Access live class recordings, study materials, and quizzes to recap concepts.


Skills Covered

Skills covered in Data Analytics - ExcelR

Data Cleaning

Skills covered in Data Analytics - ExcelR

Data Analysis & Visualization

Skills covered in Data Analytics - ExcelR

Interactive Dashboards

Skills covered in Data Analytics - ExcelR

Macros & VBA



  • The objective is to find out which variables drive good ratings for the restaurants. Also find out which 'Sponsor' has the most popular restaurant brands registered on Zomato. At the end, create a logical storyline for Pune residents and their preferences, along with a Dashboard.
  • Do time series analysis on the data. Determine the trends in “confirmed”, “deceased”, and “recovered” cases as per location. Create a logical storyline at the end, with a Dashboard.
  • You are in discussions with a consulting company for providing transport for their employees. For this purpose, you are tasked with understanding how their employees prefer to commute presently (between home and the office). What is the general behavior and preference, in terms of male vs female employees, for transport in the given dataset? Create a logical storyline at the end, with a Dashboard which can clearly give employee preferences.


Learning Path

DA Learning Path - ExcelR


Why ExcelR

ExcelR DevOPs training

Industry-Based Course Curriculum

ExcelR DevOPs training

Value-Added Course: Tableau (self-paced)

ExcelR DevOPs training

Work Hands-On With 5+ Real-Life Projects


ExcelR DevOPs training

Dedicated Placement Cell

ExcelR DevOPs training

Support through WhatsApp, Calls, & Emails

ExcelR DevOPs training

Lifetime eLearning Access


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
    • MS office Versions(similarities and differences)
    • Interface(latest available version)
    • Row and Columns
    • Keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation
    • Data Entry(Fill series)
    • Find and Select
    • Clear Options
    • Ctrl+Enter
    • Formatting options(Font,Alignment,Clipboard(copy, paste special))
  • Referencing, Named ranges,Uses,Arithemetic Functions
    • Mathematical calculations with Cell referencing(Absolute,Relative,Mixed)
    • Functions with Name Range
  • Logical functions
    • Logical functions:IF,AND,OR,NESTED IFS,NOT,IFERROR
    • Usage of Mathematical and Logical functions nested together
  • Referring data from different tables: Various types of Lookup, Nested IF
    • LOOKUP
    • INDEX
    • OFFSET
  • Advanced functions
    • Combination of Arithmatic
    • Logical
    • Lookup functions
    • Data Validation(with Dependent drop down)
  • Date and Text Functions
  • Data Handling::Data cleaning, Data type identification, Remove Duplicates, Formatting and Filtering
    • Number Formatting(with shortcuts)
    • CTRL+T(Converting into an Excel Table)
    • Formatting Table
    • Remove Duplicate
    • SORT
    • Advanced Sort
    • FILTER
    • Advanced Filter
  • Data Visualization: Conditional Formatting, Charts
    • Conditional formatting(icon sets/Highlighted colour sets/Data bars/custom formatting)
    • Charts:Bar,Column,Lines,Scatter,Combo,Gantt,Waterfall,pie
  • Data Summarization: Pivot Report and Charts
    • Pivot Reports:Insert,Interface,Crosstable Reports;Filter,Pivot Charts,
    • Slicers:Add,Connect to multiple reports and charts
    • Calculated field, Calculated item
  • Data Summarization: Dashboard Creation, Tips and Tricks
    • Dashboard:Types,Getting reports and charts together, Use of Slicers.
    • Design and placement: Formatting of Tables,Charts,Sheets,Proper use of Colours and Shapes
  • Connecting to Data: Power Query, Pivot, Power Pivot within Excel
    • Power Query: Interface, Tabs
    • Connecting to data from other excel files, text files, other sources
    • Data Cleaning
    • Transforming
    • Loading Data into Excel Query
  • Connecting to Data: Power Query, Pivot, Power Pivot within Excel
    • Using Loaded queries
    • Merge and Append
    • Insert Power Pivot
    • Similarities and Differences in Pivot and Power Pivot reporting
    • Getting data from databases, workbooks, webpages
  • VBA and Macros
    • View Tab
    • Add Developer Tab
    • Record Macro:Name,Storage
    • Record Macro to Format table(Absolute Ref)
    • Format table of any size(Relative ref)
    • Play macro by button
    • shape
    • as command(in new tab)
    • Editing Macros
    • VBA:Introduction to the basics of working with VBA for Excel: Subs, Ranges, Sheets
    • Comparing values and conditions
    • if statements and select cases
    • Repeat processes with For loops and Do While or Do Until Loops
    • Communicate with the end-user with message boxes and take user input with input boxes, User Form

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