IoT Boot Camp

                                                                         *Raspberry Pi will be Charged aditionally

Course Description

Internet of Things

International Data Corporation (IDC) expects the installed base of the internet of things will be approximately 212 billion “things” globally and the market share pertaining to the ecosystem surrounding it to be a whopping $8.9 trillion, by the end of 2020.

Free IoT Hardware Kit (Components included are Soil moisture sensor, 16 x 2 LCD display, DHT11, Bread board, Jumper cables Male – Male, BLE module Arduino compatible, Power adapter 9 V  1A, Arduino UNO with USB cable, 5V stepper Motor and Driver, 9V Battery, Etc.)  (*Raspberry Pi will be Charged aditionally)

The primary intention of interconnecting of these devices is to provide efficiency, scalability, precision, high economic benefit etc., to name a few.

As per several surveys, more than 50 billion devices will be interconnected by 2020. Humongous amounts of data are going to be generated from those interconnected devices. We will analyze, draw insights and take actionable decisions through IoT Technology.

Why IoT?

IoT is fast catching up the attention of the world. There are many instances where the implementation of IoT is resulting in many benefits and advantages. We are currently in the world of devices, such as Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Health Bands, etc. All these are interconnected using the Internet, resulting in deriving meaningful and actionable insights to be used for various business beneficial and crucial reasons.

Why now?

The number of devices, sensors, vehicles, mobiles, etc are growing at a very rapid pace and has never been at such velocity. The prediction of 50 billion of devices being interconnected by 2020 itself speaks volumes about the huge potential of opportunities this field is going to create. Per the surveys on current and future trends, there will be a huge dearth of jobs in the space of IoT. If we tap into the potential of this futuristic technology now, we can spearhead the future of this emerging Technology.

Get in-depth information about the Internet of Things (IoT) from our best-in-class training and get prepared with all the tools to conquer the world of IoT.

What Type Of Real-Time Business Solutions Are Provided By IoT?

There are a lot of business problems solved by using the Internet of Things Technology. Few of the most crucial business problems are as below

1. Using the capability of IoT, we can sense the risk of a thunderstorm or hurricane by leveraging devices, data with analytical capabilities. Thereby, we can send alerts to the car/vehicle users to take precautions, which in-turn results in saving Millions of dollars to the Insurance and other related companies…. Not only this, but we can also save the lives of people (which is crucial) by sending precautionary measures to them.

2. Using IoT, the satisfaction of customers in the logistics department can be improved immensely by triggering timely maintenance of vehicles before the vehicles break down (which results in stoppage of services to the customers). This way, the proactive measures powered by IoT will lead to huge revenue profits to the customers.

We can further discuss the nuances of problem solutions during our course.

Course Curriculum

  • What's IOT
  • Architecture
  • What elements constitute IOT
  • Sensors and types
  • Communication interface
  • Hands on demo projects with Arduino
  • Case study for Participants
  • Introduction to sensors and actuators
  • Capture data and physical parameters to sense
  • Introduction to the hardware
  • Ardunio and related modules
  • Project scenario 1
  • Project scenario 2
  • Project scenario 3
  • Project for participants to build a project
  • Soil moisture sensing and display
  • Temperature/Humidity is measured and displayed on LCD display
  • Proximity detection and lights operation
  • Proximity detection on one board
  • Lights being operated on another board(Master slave congig.,)
  • Wireless based project
  • A switch on one board with wireless module(Transmitter)
  • Wireless (Receiver) on another board to turn on light or fan or motor

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